20 Amazon Items You Need In Your Life

I think we all know that I personally think Amazon is life. Lol. I have so much dang stuff from Amazon... and honestly, some of my favorite items in my house are from Amazon! //

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This hair mask! Holy grail of hair masks, y’all! I’ve talked about my hair loss/thinning a few times on instagram and have told y’all that I’ve tried tons of things! I purchased this a months back after reading the reviews on it! My hair is SO dry all of the time, and the ends just break right off. I read that this mask helps make your hair “bouncy” again. //


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  • Feeling a million times better after drinking my weight in hot tea today.🤪 Question: do you think different bottle water brands taste different? I had this debate today and need y’all to put an end to it. If you do, what’s your favorite?🤪 // #liketkit #ootd #casualstyle #casualoutfits #comfy #newmom #seattle
  • Headed to do a Walmart or a Ulta haul today... I need to go to both and haven’t decided which to share! // Any ear ache remedies?? I woke up at 2am with the worst ear ache... I used to get sinus infections like it was my dang job. Haven’t had one in awhile and hoping that’s not what is coming on!😭 // #liketkit #ootd #spring #springfashion #ootd #comfy #leopardprint #casualstyle #casualoutfits #newmom #seattle