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One of the most frequently asked questions in my DM’s is how do I do my hair and what are my favorite hair products.

I promise I will work on a video tutorial soon for how I style my hair start to finish. Maybe I will do an IGTV! In the meantime though, here are my HOLY.GRAIL.HAIR.PRODUCTS.

I use these products every single day/every week and I have for months! I absolutely love them and these products are what has worked best for my hair.

Modere-Biocell Life– This is a hair growth supplement that I take daily. It has strengthened, lengthened, and thickened my hair. I have always been impressed by my results with this product and SO many of you have sent me your amazing results as well! YAY! (This link will automatically add both the Biocell and Trim to your cart. I am talking specifically about the Biocell here, so the Trim is not needed if you don’t want it.)

Living Proof Restore Shampoo/Conditioner and Repair Mask- I love this whole Restore line. I use the Repair Mask every few weeks when I feel like my hair is needing a little extra moisture and love!

It’s A 10 and Pureology Color Fanatic- I use both of these products while my hair is still wet/damp from the shower. I’m pretty sure I have used the It’s A 10 since I was in high school. Both of them add various nutrients to your hair and I use them every time I wash my hair.

Living Proof Dry Volume Blast/Dry Shampoo and Navy Hair Care Pebble Beach Dry Texture Spray- I love styling with all three of these products. They give the BEST volume and texture to my hair. “Dirty” hair is so much easier to style then clean/smooth hair. These products help hold my curls/volume so well!

BaByliss Pro Styling Tools- This straightener is hands down my favorite..EVER. I have had this straightener since early high school. They last FOREVER and I’ve never been able to find another straightener that works as well as this one. That being said, I obviously had to buy the curling iron as well and I have been equally impressed.


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