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This hair mask! Holy grail of hair masks, y’all! I’ve talked about my hair loss/thinning a few times on instagram and have told y’all that I’ve tried tons of things! I purchased this a months back after reading the reviews on it! My hair is SO dry all of the time, and the ends just break right off. I read that this mask helps make your hair “bouncy” again. Does that make sense? Like when you pull a strand of hair, it should have some bounce to it…. not just snap right in half…. like mine has been doing. So far, I’m loving it! I’ve purchased two or three containers of it and have seen a big difference. Don’t get me wrong…. I’m still in panic mode, trying to find all the things to help my hair! Lol! But, I will say this is one of my favorites that I have found! Also, I LOVE the brush that you can buy with it! I’ve never seen that with a hair mask! The brush makes sure everything gets where it needs to be!

As for the skin care products, I sadly cannot use all of them at the moment because of, ya know, baby! But, I HAVE used all of them and love them! The mask is super soothing for your skin! I originally ordered the three pack mask that came with the brush, and I apply it before getting in the shower! It feels amazing! Then, the toner, (not part of the sale sadly) is so good! I am on my third bottle of it! I use it before applying my makeup (after I wash my face in the morning), and after I was my face at night! Finally, the eye cream & vitamin C serum are both great and feel SO gentle on your skin which I love! As for the retinol night serum, I have yet to try it because I cant, but my sister and mom love it and its first on my list to use after baby!

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  • 🏡 YALL WE BOUGHT A FIXER-UPPER 🏡 & trust me, it earns every bit of the ‘fixer upper’ definition.... That puppy ain’t cute.🤣 But it will be!❤️ We are so so beyond excited! It’s on a little bit of land and the perfect place for sweet Cooper to grow up!
Few things:
1. Do I share? Do you care? I love home Reno’s and would love yalls help on the design process and keeping y’all up to date!🤗 2. We took yalls advice!🤣 When I told y’all we had to move out of our rental by June & we wanted a fixer upper, there was an overwhelming response saying- BUY NOW.😂 Naturally I got stressed, and so we started looking ASAP (a few months back) and found our dream piece of land. Y’all said this in hopes that we wouldn’t have to live through a reno. Contractors say the complete reno should be complete by June!🤞🏼
3. If you have been paying super close attention, you may have seen it on stories 2-3 times already.🙈 4. We finally have a HUGE yard for my sweet babies again and they love it!! Makes my heart so happy! 🐶🐶
5. We have always dreamed about having agriculture and now can make that happen with a few moo cows.🐮 // Lastly, I can’t thank you guys enough for all of your love.... I’m so excited to bring you guys on this journey. Somewhere that will be in our family for generations!❤️
  • Did a little try on in stories last night with two great free people dupes!👏🏼 What’s everyones Saturday plans?? Do people do things in January?? I feel like it’s such a random month.... anyone else? Like not Christmas... but not spring break... weird temps. Are there events going on? What do we wear?? Like idk really....🤷🏼‍♀️🤣🤪 // #liketkit #ootd #newmom #casualstyle #casualoutfits #comfy


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  1. 11.11.19
    Tasha said:

    I wish you would do a virtual makeover give away. I would as well as many others love to have someone style me like you and love to have your haircut and color. Idk maybe pick a winner and get in touch with a salon in their area and give them the scoop on your preferences as to what you do and then maybe do the makeover through a Dillard’s or Belk or another company for clothing and makeup. That would be awesome for a single mom like me or any other mom who runs crazy for her kids and forgets about herself. Thanks and just love your style and how y’all inspire others as support each other.

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