20 Amazon Items You Need In Your Life

I think we all know that I personally think Amazon is life. Lol. I have so much dang stuff from Amazon… and honestly, some of my favorite items in my house are from Amazon! They have also been best sellers with you guys… so, they are clearly favorites!

  1. My Undies! These are the best undies that money can buy, and you get a ton for the money! I have so many packs of these- so comfy!
  2. Strapless Bandeau! I wear these almost every single day and cannot recommend them enough. They stay in place, padded, and so comfortable! I wear them under basically every shirt I have.
  3. Echo Show! Alexa…… whyyyyy did I wait so long to get this?? Like why?? Seriously THE BEST thing ever! We have one in the kitchen, my office, out bedroom and probably baby’s room! I use the kitchen one most! “Alexa… set a timer”, “Alexa, order paper towels”, “Alexa, what time do the cowboys play this weekend?”, “Alexa, play music”…. SHE DOES EVERYTHING!!!! lol! I am in love!!!!! Personally, I say get the one with the screen, 110% worth the money.
  4. Amazon Blanket! This is a top seller every month! Last year, I believe it was number three for the month of December! It is SO dang soft and the quality is amazing!!!! So many girls got it as a stocking stuffer gift/gift for a teacher/friend/etc! It is a staple in our house!
  5. The Famous Sheets! lol! We have had these for over a year and now I feel like everyone uses them! They have over 50k 5 stars on amazon…. so obviously they are great!!! We have multiple sets!
  6. Meat Masher! That sounds so gross….. lol! But I swear it changes the way you cook! It chops up your meat perfectly to make it ground! Works for mashed potatoes and to shred chicken too!
  7. Water Cup! I love this thing! Jake uses his for coffee and it keeps it warm for HOURS!! I do water… and its the same thing! Plus, they last forever…. hold up great in the dishwasher and never break!!
  8. Velvet Hangers! These are one of my favorite home items I have ordered! They never snap on half, they look so sleek in the closet, and nothing ever falls off of them! Score!!!
  9. Our Bowls! These were actually a purchase by Jake and I love them!! They look better than pottery barn and hold SO much!!! Perfect soup/ice cream bowls!
  10. Jake’s Shaker Bottle! He uses these for working out! He gets them all from Amazon- super affordable and great quality!
  11. Fire Stick! This is something somewhat new to us but we LOVE it!! We were actually told to buy it for the hospital for when baby comes, but we use it now and love it!!
  12. Jake’s Tennis Shoes! He swears by these things! Hikes in them, works out in them, and loves them!! Plus they look like they would be pricey but they are only $30! GREAT for your teenage boys/hubby!!!
  13. Beauty Blenders! I use these for basically my whole makeup routine! They last forever and work better than any that I have found!
  14. Our Comforter! I get so many questions about this thing! It is great quality and holds up SO WELL with the dogs!
  15. Travel Steamer//Closet Steamer! So, I have two… one I travel with, and one I keep in my closet! Both work SO good and steam your clothes so quick! I think the stand up one in my closet is my favorite though!!
  16. Self Tanner//Mitt! This tanning mitt is the holy grail of tanning mitts! Makes it go on SO smooth and you can use it SO many times! Also, nothing ever seeps though the sides and gets on your hand, like the other mitts!
  17. Blow Dryer!! This may be close to the end of the list but BOY HOWDY IT IS FIRST IN MY HEART!!!!! This thing works so well!!! I use it on my extensions too!! It takes about 7-8 minutes to blow dry my hair now and it blow dries straight!!!! It keeps it from getting frizzy and is just amazing!!
  18. Steak Seasoning– easily one of my favorite cooking spices/seasoning… whatever you want to call it! THIS WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU EAT STEAK. We absolutely will not eat steak if we are out of this stuff! It has amazing flavor!!
  19. Diffuser! Jake makes so much fun of me for this but he sleeps like a baby every single night so he can shut it!! lol! We got this about a month ago and it has CHANGED THE WAY I SLEEP!!! I love the way it looks on my night stand too! I add a whole droplets of lavender to it about an hour before bed, start it, and set it for 5 hours. By the time we are ready to go to sleep, both of us close are eyes and are out like a light!!! Sleeping though pregnancy is HARD!! This has helped sooooo much!!!
  20. Belly Band//Maternity Pillow! Jake begs me to buy him his own pillow! hahaha! It is so comfy and I love that you can wash it!! Also, my belly band isn’t like the typical belly band… it just goes in your belt loops and is SO much more comfy than a belly band or maternity pants!!! Trust me!


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  1. 10.2.19
    Laura said:

    Love all of your favorites! I love that you add the random things that are realistic!! Love ya girl!

    • 1.2.24
      Dave allen said:

      Highly Recommended!
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  2. 10.2.19
    cassandra said:

    I bought this hair dryer last week and am honestly OBSESSED!! I have super long thick hair and my arms kill me when I try to round brush blow dry it. This tool is honestly a life changer! Love your page and all of the great things you share!

  3. 10.2.19
    mrsRobinson305 said:

    Love this post Katy!! You literally are the reason behind me amazon addiction!! LOL

  4. 10.2.19
    Banessa said:

    Thank you for this list and all of the work you did and do for us!

  5. 10.3.19
    Chrissy said:

    Thank you for sharing all your random favs! Keep’em comin! ?

  6. 10.3.19
    Eva said:

    So I got that hair blow drier brush and I love it! Anyway your recommend to maintain the freezey hair after so strange

  7. 10.3.19
    Amy Mitko said:

    Katy, Love Your Top 20 List. Thank You! Going to grab the sheets for everyone in our family. Ready for a New Comforter too. Keep your awesome finds coming. Love watching you! You are So Real & So Pretty! ?

  8. 10.3.19
    Shannon said:

    I just ordered the sheets! I am so excited for them to get here!! Thanks so much for doing this list!

  9. 10.11.19
    Stephanie D said:

    I LOVE these Amazon musts posts! KEEP EM COMING!!

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