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EEEEK!! I am so excited about this post! I feel like ever since getting pregnant, finding clothes that fit/look good is so dang HARD.. but for some reason it isn’t with jackets. Every jacket/blazer/cardigan I put on, I fall in love with. Probably because its the only area of me that hasn’t changed size.(I don’t ever zip jackets if that makes more sense of this situation lol) So, since the leaves are changing and the weather is cooling down, I figured a jacket round up would be perfect! I wanted it to all be from one retailer to make sizing/searching/purchasing easy for yall! So, I picked Express! That is honestly where I buy majority of my jackets anyways, because they all fit SO good! Express carries so many sizes which makes it easy for all my gals to find the perfect fit! You can use this code at checkout for a discount! 5722

  • Blazers: You NEED a blazer in your closet at all times. People always ask me, “what are staple items you recommend that I buy?”… a blazer!!! They are classic/chic and go with almost anything in your closet. They can make any outfit chic, edgy, and sexy!
  • Cardigan: A few good cardigans in your closet is a must! I love a good thin one and a good chunky one! You can throw a cardigan over basically any outfit and it works! Great item for layering!!
  • Trench coat: Yes yes yes!!! A good trench coat is CLASSIC!! When I think of a trench coat, I think of NYC and it just makes me feel like I can rule the world! lol! Lame, but true! They look so sleek!
  • Jean jacket: Do I even need a bullet point for this?? Likkkke? I wear jean jackets WAY too much! lol! Wear em, tie em around your waist… literally can do so much with them! A jean jacket in your closet is a must! You can wear them with joggers, jeans, a dress, a skirt… ANYTHING!!

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