Living My Best Style X Pink Lily Launch

It is finally here! YAYY!!! I am launching my first ever collection with one of my favorite boutiques and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity! I have worn and shared Pink Lily for years and when Tori approached me to create my own collection I was FrEaKiNg OuT!

Designing this collection was a PROCESS! Then you throw Covid in to the mix and the Pink Lily team has just been amazing from start to finish! I got to pick fabrics, colors, designs, the label tag, the packaging your items will be shipped in, model the items for product pictures, and several other little details in between. I got to have my hand on every part of the process and it has been so much fun! This collection is truly Living My Best Style X Pink Lily!

I had several ideas in mind when it came to designing this collection. I wanted the items to be comfortable and classic. You will be able to wear these items over and over again! I wanted the collection to be inclusive. You will find items ranging in sizes XS-3XL! I also wanted my collection to be affordable!

The items you will find in this collection range from weekend casual, loungewear, closet staple pieces, items you can dress up, and items you can dress down. There’s a little bit of everything!

You can use code KATY20 for 20% off your order!

[My Sizing In The Items Pictured Below]

I am wearing a size Small in every item in the collection.

Height: 5’3…almost 5’4 // Hips: 33 // Bust: 34 // Waist: 28

For more specific fit/sizing details/material information, make sure to check out my stories on my IG- Living My Best Style. I will save my try-on to a highlight so you can reference back to it.

The Emmy Lou-Thermal & The Blair-Joggers

This thermal top will be available in this lighter cream color as well as dark grey. It has a looser more oversized fit, which I love! It is so comfortable. The joggers fit true to size and I am wearing a small in both the joggers and the thermal top. The joggers have a matching zip up jacket (The Karen) that is also available as part of the collection. Both items are pre-order.

The Emmy Lou-Thermals & The Porch-Dark Wash Jeans

This is the same thermal top that is pictured above with the joggers. This is the dark grey color option and the lighter cream/grey option. Still same looser/more oversized fit. I am wearing a small.

These jeans are also part of my collection! I LOVE the fit and the wash of these jeans. I tend to prefer my jeans to be distressed so I love the knee holes in these jeans! They have a raw hem and I styled them rolled up. You will see them several times throughout the collection!

The June-Basic Tanks

These tanks are SO good, y’all! They are a closet staple/must have. I styled them multiple ways. They are long enough to cover your booty in leggings and cute enough to front tuck or knot. They are not see through at all and they will be available in black and white. I am wearing a small.

The Molly-Caffeine Graphic Shirt

Y’all know that I love a good graphic tee. This is a cute lightweight graphic hooded long sleeve. It says “Fueled by Caffeine Living in Leggings.” I am wearing a small and it fits slightly oversized. Definitely comfy!

The Double Double-Cable Knit Cardigan

If you have followed me for any amount of time then you know my love of cardigans runs DEEP! I live in Texas and own an embarrassing amount of cardigans but I can’t help it! This cable knit cardigan is on the top of my favorites list. It is chunky, comfy, and long enough to snuggle yourself in. I paired with one of my basic white tanks and faux leather leggings. I am wearing a small in the cardigan. The sizing of this cardigan will only run S/M/L only due to manufacturer guidelines.

The Jake-Rust Sweater

This off-the-shoulder sweater is so cute for Fall. I paired with faux leather leggings and jeans to give you an idea for some different looks. I am wearing a small so you can see it is a little bit oversized.

The Cowboys-Blue/White Stripe Sweater

The best time to wear a striped sweater… is all the time! This is just a great classic sweater. It is comfortable and great for running around on the weekends! I am wearing a small.

The Katy-Leopard Sweater

This sweater is probably one of my favorite pieces in the collection. I love the mix of the stripes and leopard print. It has a slightly oversized fit and I am wearing a small. It does run long enough to cover your booty in leggings.

The Texas-Plaid Blouse

I feel like this perfect plaid needs no introduction. I am obsessed with every detail of this blouse. I love the ruffle detailing. I love the perfect colors in the plaid. It is honestly just all around PERFECT! I am wearing a small.

The Emma-Blue/White Blouse

This blouse is the perfect top for work, church, date night, dinner with the girls.. you name it! I wanted pieces that you could wear multiple times and this is one of those great blouses. I love the pattern and the peplum detailing. I am wearing a small.

The Kelly-Floral Blouse

Excuse me while I catch my breath… y’all.. this top! I have no words. It is so fun and flirty. I love the bell sleeves and floral print! I am wearing a small.

The Prayer-Floral Dress

I LOVE this sweet little dress. This is such a great transition piece for those warmer days in to fall weather. You can pair it with a denim jacket or sweater. Yes, you see that right! It has POCKETS! I am wearing a small.

The Saturday-Leopard Blouse

This little leopard cami is so cute. It is simple but fun with the ruffle detail. The leopard print is very subtle. I am wearing a small. This cami will only be available in sizes S/M/L per the manufacturers guidelines.

The Accessories

I wanted to have a few accessories as part of my collection! These two headbands are so pretty in person. I love the braided detailing. I love layering necklaces so I picked out this fun 3-necklace stacked piece for my collection. I also have a pair of ear cuff earrings.

Pink Lily Styled Pieces

Everything that you see styled in the pictures is from Pink Lily Boutique, including the items that are not from my specific collection. All the shoes pictured, hats, handbags, sunglasses, leggings, white denim, light-wash denim, black denim, and the denim jacket.

I will link all of the extra items below that are still in stock!

You can use code KATY20 for 20% off your order!

I am so proud of this collection that we have put together for you all!! There is a little bit of something for everyone. Your never ending love, encouragement, and support has always meant the world to me. I hope that y’all will love this collection as much as I do!

Lastly, but definitely not least..I am beyond grateful for the support and love from my two favorite boys! This collection was a labor of love and I am so thankful to have had them cheer me on through the whole process! I love you both so much!


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