Landscaping with Lowe’s

I am so excited!! This house is slowly starting to come together before our eyes and we are beyond pleased with how everything look so far! We obviously needed some serious help in the landscaping area as you can see from the before pictures below. My dream since the first moment we saw this house was to paint it white and I have been dying to see it white since then! We finally settled on a white shade that we loved and the house looks even better than I imagined!

I gathered up some before and after pics below to take y’all along with the project! We got everything at Lowe’s and honestly they were so helpful throughout the whole process!

The paint color for the exterior of the house is Rare & Radiant by Sherwin Williams.

Front view of the house. Front door is to the right. This is before landscaping and paint.

More of the BEFORE front view.

BEFORE front view.

Trying to pick the right white paint for the house. We went with Rare & Radiant by Sherwin Williams.

These are the trees and shrubs we picked out.

A few of the flower pallets we picked out for the front.

Landscaping wrapping up in front of the house.

Front view AFTER paint and landscaping!

Front view AFTER paint and landscaping!

Cheers to crossing off another home project!

I am going to list out all of the plants we picked out for the house below! I know that they will grow great for this area but I would just double check with your local Lowe’s to see if they are a good option for where you live!

Elijah Blue Fescue
Variegated Winter Daphne
Danica Arborvitae
Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grass
Gold Moneywort
Variegated Weigela
Christmas Tree Plantain Lily
Irish Moss
Paloma Blanca Euonymus
Elite Rhododendron
Spiral Emerald Green Arborvitae
Sky Pencil Japanese Holly
Dwarf Hedge Plant
Holmstrup Eastern Arborvitae
White Oak Tree
Scarlet Oak Tree
Northern Pin Oak
Skyline Honeylocust Tree
Granny Smith Apple Tree
Jirestorm Honeycrisp Apple Tree

I can’t wait to take you guys along the journey with the inside of the house! I have a blog post coming soon with some Before and Progress pictures of everything going on inside!



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