My Working From Home Routine

Business in the front, party in the back? Or now, I guess you should say: Business up top, comfy down low! Lol! SO many of you have reached out about your new work from home clothing situations! Y’all have got it down, blazer up top and leggings for bottoms- professional for a work Skype but still comfy! I am totally on this gravy train! If y’all have followed me for awhile then you know I am adamant about getting ready every single day. I swear it makes me 100X more productive, but I am also an avid sweatpants wearer! Anywho, enough rambling… you get the gist. 

1. Clearly, if you made it through the first paragraph- GET READY! I am so so big on this. It is human nature to feel sleepy and sluggish, in your sleep clothes. Even if it is just putting on a clean pair of joggers and pairing with a cute jacket, that can totally turn your mind set around! 

2. Take advantage of the more flexible work environment. Take snack and drink breaks! I can always tell if I have been sitting at my computer for too long. NOTHING gets done. Get up, get a bite to eat, sip on your fav drink. 

3. Open up those windows!! I know Spring is approaching for all of us! Idk what it is, but I could rule the world with my laptop in hand, and fresh air blowing in through the windows! 

4. Easier said than done- totally get it… but, clean work environment. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It is crazy, the other day Cooper was going crazy, dogs were driving me crazy, and I had mounds of work to do. I took a big deep breath, did some stress cleaning… cause ya know, I do that lol, and after I felt SO much better. The dogs and Cooper were still fussy but for some reason I was able to get in the zone with a clutter free space. It works, I’m telling ya! 

5. Light a candle & turn off the TV. Might sound silly but we have a no TV rule in our house during the day. I sound kinda crazy when I read that out loud in my head as I am typing.. lol. We watch the news in the morning, then turn it off and play music from out Alexa until dinner time. It creates a distraction free zone and makes me feel like I am in an actual work environment. 

I hope everyone’s adjusting well to the new norm! I had a few girls request some of my favorite items from Express so I will link up some of those below. Express is a great option right now because they cover the first paragraph like a champ! lol! All the casual clothes + all the best office attire. I have so many adorable blazers from them, that I have learned to dress up or down- great closet staple! Express is also doing 40-60% off tonight! Yay!!! Linking up my outfit below! 

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