5 Ways to Stay Active During the Holidays

If you have followed me for even a short bit, you can probably get the gist that I’m not someone to turn to for workout advice…… like even in the slightest. Lol! But, I try my hardest and I swear it’s the little things that keep me feeling healthy. With my pregnancy wrapping up, and it being the beginning of winter…. I have wanted nothing more than to be a couch potato. So I went looking and I found some comfortable athleisure items at Academy! They actually have great stuff to outfit the whole family! Y’all could be out on your holiday walks and everyone be matching! How precious is that?! Side note for my ladies with outdoorsy significant others.. they typically have really great stuff at awesome prices!

I figured I’d share some things I’ve been making sure to do every single day, rain or shine, to keep myself active and healthy this holiday season.  

1. Go on walks! Jake and I love walking, especially with the pups! No matter how we do it, we always try and get some sort of walking in for the day! This may sound cray cray, but living in rainy Seattle, sometimes I’m not up for walking outside. I have found that taking a quick trip to the mall and just walking around and talking is the best option! We rarely buy anything, and we just spend the whole time chatting, and before we know it, we snuck in a 45 minute walk! 

2. Stretching! Odd….. I know, but Jake and I stretch every night and I swear it’s made such a difference and it’s honestly been kinda fun! Nothing better than watching him squirm trying to do a butterfly and not being flexible enough for it!! Haha! We just do it while watching tv- set a timer on your phone, sit on the floor in front of the TV and do a few stretches! I find ours on Pinterest! It’s helped my body aches so much! I feel like I get so stiff every winter and it results in feeling like crap and achy all over! 

3. Water…. duh! Y’all probably always see me carrying my huge water jug everyday… it’s the best! Whatever way you do it, get some water in your system! I am SO BAD about only wanting to drink coffee or hot drinks in the winter, and I will look back at the day and realize I didn’t drink a single glass of water! That’s so bad for you!! Chug that water ladies!! 

4. Vitamins! I take these all year long obviously, but I am queen of forgetting….. I work REAL hard this time of year to make sure and take them. I’m not eating as much fresh fruit and veggies… not getting as much sun… ya know, all the summer things! So vitamins are so important! 

5. Lastly, one thing Jake and I try and do is find one new, outdoor place to check out each month! There’s so many trails, hay rides, Christmas tree farms… all the places! Find one and get out for the day! That crisp winter air is good for the soul! 


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