Holiday Traditions & Great Sweaters

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Jake and I have both talked so much about this since baby boy will be here any day now! One that we keep bringing up is count down to Christmas with books, and cutting down our own tree! 

Growing up my mom used to go to the dollar section of half price books and get 25 books. She would wrap them all up, and starting on the 1st of December, I would take my bath then pick out a “present”… which was obviously a book! We would lay in bed and read a new book every single night. Looking back that has got to be one of my favorite traditions and one that Jake and I are adamant about doing with baby boy! 

As for cutting down a tree….. we say this now! Lol! But, we have also never done it. Haha! Also, with Jake being a firefighter… he doesn’t want to get one and put lights on it… big time fire hazard! So, we compromised and thought a small Christmas tree for the outside patio would be cute! That we can put fun ornaments on with the kiddos each year! We will see…. but we love the idea of going out each year as a family and getting one all together! 

My sweater is from Express and dreamy soft!! They have so many great basics out right now that can transition to basically any event in your life! Wear it to work. Wear it to date night. Wear it to a holiday party. Wear it with jeans and flats to the grocery store…. seriously anywhere! They have the best staple items at even better prices! Y’all know I have more sweaters from Express than I would like to admit! Lol! I just can’t stop… I won’t stop!!



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