5 Trends I Am Loving This Fall

I feel like I am rarely one to go for the “trendy” things.. I often feel lame or not cool enough to pull it off! lol! But, I will say there have been a few this year that I am LOVING! I feel like they are trendy, but simple enough for anyone to pull off!

  1. White booties!! OMG… never would I EVER have thought I would be on the white bootie train. Like ever! I actually purchased my first pair from Nine West, and I love them!! I was honestly just impressed with the shoe in general. They are so comfy, so easy to get on and off (which can be hard to find in a bootie), affordable, and seem like they will last forever! I am a huge Nine West fan now, and have already purchased a second pair since my first! Not white.. lol, but I am still very excited!
  2. Fall floral print!! I am not one to ever buy anything floral, like ever. But, I feel like all of the darker, fall floral prints are SO pretty this year and work great for any event! You can dress it up for a wedding, or down for church with a jean jacket!
  3. The quilted bag trend… I am HERE for this. I feel like two years again, I would have totally been, “uhm… that looks like my grandmas quilted purse”… this year, I am like, “Uhm yessss hunnnie, bring me all the cute quilted leather purses!!”
  4. Textured booties! My white booties from Nine West have a snake skin texture and I love that!! I used to only think suede/leather was the way to go… but I think adding a subtle snake skin texture is so fun and does so much for an outfit, but in a really simple way! Nine West also has the same bootie style in a cheetah print with a calf hair texture, which is also SUPER in!! I am loving all of the calf hair!! Well done Nine West, well done!!
  5. Thick gold hoops! YES YES YES! Love these bad boys! I feel like hoops went out for a while, and I am so glad they are back, and thick! I think the little thick gold hoops are SO cute and classy!!



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