My Tanning Routine

* Picture above is before and after- Left leg is done, right is not!*

Holy guacamole- I get this question A LOT!! I hope that means that I’m doing a good job with it… lol! I am naturally very very pale so sunless tanner has been a huge part of my life, forever!! Trust and believe, I’ve tried ALLLLL the things. Like y’all, I’ve tried all the things. It’s either rob a bank to keep up with your spray tans, or don’t rob a bank and look like your wearing a jail suit anyways because your bright orange from cheap tanner. Neither of those are a win.

I have perfected this down to a science! Lol! But, at the end of the day… I’m not beauty expert, so this is just what works for me!

I typically do my routine on Friday night or Sunday night, (SIDE NOTE: One bottle typically last me a month or two) it just depends on weekend plans! Also, once I apply it, I allow it to sit for about 24 hours….. and I know, I’m going to get a million DM’s saying that’s gross or that’s not how it should be done- Well, that’s how I do it… and ya asked my opinion, so here it is! Lol! I find that the longer it sets, the better it looks! ALSO, it doesn’t smell, at all. There have been plenty of times that I apply Friday night and go out all day Saturday and it’s perfectly fine! But, I will say.. now that we are approaching summer months and it’s very hot, I would not recommend applying it, and keeping it on for 24 hours if you are going to be outside sweating… that will just cause major issues with tan lines!

Supplies you need:

Step 1:

Shower before applying sunless tanner! (Side note but important note: I also make sure that I wash my hair during this process so that I can get that out of the way! Reason being, when I go to wash off my first layer of sunless tanner, 24 hours later, I want that shower to be quick and and not have shampoo/condition running all down my fresh tan!) While I wait for my conditioner to soak in, I use my loofa to scrip any areas that have built up tan! Like my ankles, wrist, knees… those kind of places! Then, I shave everywhere… literally everywhere! The softer your skin in, the more smooth the tan looks! I even shave the peach fuzz/dead skin on my chest! (Sounds gross, but trust me.. you have it too) After I shave, I check to make sure that all of the major build up spots are completely, or almost completely gone by using the loofa and razor… and make any more touch ups! As you can see from the image at the top, its hard to get every reming area of tanner off! It will sometimes stick on your knee/ankle longer and thats fine..I just try and get as much as I can off!

Step 2:

Get your large towel (I use a large white towel because I just bleach it after I’m done) and dry your whole body as much as you can! And do NOT apply lotion! Definitely hard to get used to since you just shaved…. but it’s a must! BUT- Sometimes, I will apply just a pea size amount to the tops of my toes/heel of my foot… and those areas! Not a lot, and wait for it to dry before moving forward! At this point…. I usually have my wet hair up in a bun on top of my head and I’m butt naked sitting on my towel… lol… embarrassing, but true. If you don’t put your tanner everywhere, you can wear shorts and a bandeau! I find it easier to not have any clothes in the way and risk them messing up the tan!

Step 3:

Take your mitt in one hand and apply three pumps to your mitt of sunless tanner! I start at the top of my thighs and then work down! I rub the mitt all over and then, THIS IS IMPORTANT- start to pat your mitt against your legs! When you run the mitt, you cause streaks.. it’s almost impossible not too… so once you are done applying it to one area, take the reminding product on the mitt and just pat all over the area! It helps blend the streaks out!

I use three-four pumps for each area of my leg! I do left thigh, right thigh, left shin, right shin….. so I get three-four new pumps for each area! Once I get down to my feet, I use the remaining product on the mitt to rub over my feet/in between my toes and on the sides of my ankles! I rarely get more product for my feet! That’s what causes them to be too dark and splotchy! Again, after you are done rubbing product on… pat the area to make sure all streaks get smoothed out!

Step 4:

Upper body- I always feel like this is way easier than the legs! I apply 2 pumps to the mitt and rub it all over my upper and lower arm (leaving my hand out of the equation for now) and bring the product in from my arm, to my chest… for some reason it always looks better when I gravitate everything to the center! So rub your mitt on your shoulders and drag it in to your chest! Once you have done that, do the same thing with your wrist to your hand… sometime I add maybe half of a pump to the mitt when doing this. You want to make sure to get the top and bottom of your wrist but NOT your palm! Rub the mitt down the top of your hand and in between your fingers (you don’t need a lot), then pat dry! I typically do one arm, then do my stomach and as much of my back as I can reach- THEN I do the other arm… that way, the other hand has had a little bit of time to dry and can be stuck in the mitt!a

Step 5:

Just handout as naked as possible for a couple minutes. lol. Seriously! I try and do this at like 7pm so that I can stand in my bathroom for a bit and let it air dry and then put the least amount of clothing on as possible! And DONT use water the rest of the night- make sure your teeth are brushed, face is washed, kids are bathed.. all the things!! You do not want to get your hands wet again! I typically wait for an hour or so before laying in bed- I just work on my computer or watch TV (with a towel under me and my legs/arms spread out). The main point is, you don’t want to curl up in bed and cause creases in the tan!

Step 6:

If you must, go ahead and wash it off the next morning! I 100% recommend waiting till that night! That way I have a full 24 hours of it on! This process is important also- once you get in the shower.. you want it to be quick! I get the top layer off and clean myself (obviously), but I NEVER wash my hair. If you wash your hair, all the soap will be running all over your tan for a long time! (idk about you but it takes a hot minute to get all the soap out of my hair) Then, once you are ready to get out, PAT yourself dry!! I start from the top and work my way down so that the water doesn’t cause running streaks down my body!

Step 7:

Once you are dry and getting dressed, I apply lotion and use the second spray mist to go over your body! (I linked it above in the list of things you need) I typically just spray it over my shins, arms, and any areas that I feel lost a lot of color! I repeat step 7 every time I shower until the week ends and the process starts over!

This all sounds very lengthy and intimidating, but I promise it goes very quick and easy once you get the hang of it! Its just part of my weekly routine like anything else!

As for things like swimming and working out in it, I would say you would just have to repeat step 7 more frequently. I don’t workout, and I am not one to jump in the ocean.. soooo, I’m not the girl to ask! lol! But, I do follow/know tons of girls that do use this particular tanning mousse, and workout everyday! They all look great! So, I assume you’re safe!



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  1. 5.18.18
    Amber Wilson said:

    Do you just reapply regardless if your tan is fading ? I find that mine lasts about five days before it starts looking patchy and I can’t get it all off by just using a loofa or exfoliating mitt. Does it not fade if you just reapply once a week ?

    • 5.21.18
      admin said:

      Hey girl!! Typically yes! Every time I shower, I reapply with my spray! Just to make sure all the spots stay even! (:

      • 5.23.18
        Amber Wilson said:

        Definitely giving that a try ! Thank you !

  2. 6.12.18
    Hannah said:

    I’ve been using tanning mousse for years but decided to try your trick with the tanning spray to keep my color dark for longer. I can’t get it to spray on evenly though! I wake up in the morning with awkward lines lol. It goes on clear, so what’s your trick? Do you rub it in with the lotion you’re applying?

    • 6.27.18
      admin said:

      Hey girl! As far as the spray goes, make sure you are allowing it enough time to dry before getting in bed! I do not rub it in at all, I just spray all over, wait for it to dry, then go to bed! (:

  3. 6.27.18
    Hannah said:

    Hey girl! How do you get your face skin shade to match the rest of your body? Are you applying the self tanner on your face as well?

    • 7.17.18
      admin said:

      Hey girl! Nope, I never put it on my face! I just use my foundation to match it! XOXOX

  4. 2.26.19
    Madison said:

    Hi! Do you apply any tanner on your neck? I understand the face process… but do you put your foundation on your neck? Sorry if this is a stupid question!!

  5. 2.28.19
    marie kiley said:

    Hi! Have you ever tried using St. Moriz?? I’d love to know how similar they are. I use St. Tropez too but I’m debating trying out this other one

  6. 3.17.19
    Ashley K said:

    Just followed your tanning routine, I use different products, but my tan looks way better doing it this way! And I got a BB creme with spf for my face to match the tan so I’m not putting tanner on my face.

  7. 4.11.19
    Kate said:

    Hi! I love this tanner but it gets all over my sheets! Do you have this problem? Does it wash out?

  8. 4.29.19
    Bre said:

    What color lotion do you use? There are 4 different shades.

  9. 8.17.19
    Amanda said:

    Do you use body wash in the shower? Is there a specific kind you use to avoid taking the tan off?

  10. 9.2.19
    Casey said:

    How many times do you use one mitt?

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