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All Things Skin:

Raise your hand if you never washed off your make up in high school, lived in a tanning bed/outside, had acne, picked at your acne, and all the things that are like terrible for your skin?!? You cant see me, but my hand is raised higher than you, I promise. I was terrible to my skin. On top of not taking care of it, I would constantly pick at my blemishes to try and make them go away. Fast forward a couple years- and those acne scars are ruling the roost! Acne Scars-1, Katy- 0. I tried chemical peels, laser treatments, any and all of the products but nothing seemed to work long term. Then to top it off: As I went through all of those appointments and procedures, I had professionals drilling into my head that I need to take better care of my skin now while I am still young. So- I was trying to win a losing battle with acne scars AND take all the steps to protect my skin now so I can look like Kris Jenner when I am 65. That’s a lot of pressure.

I started to take a hard look at the products I should be using and the regimen I should be taking. For the first time, in ever, I am seeing improvements in my skin and feel that ‘glow’, more than ever! I have become religious about using my Kiehl’s and Clinique!

*Don’t let the price scare you- These products last for months and are worth every penny*

*My MUST HAVES are all three Kiehl’s products= Game Changer*

In the morning:

In the evening:

Once A Week:



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