5 Goals I Have for the New Year

Actually blown away that it is almost 2020 y’all! Blown away that this year came and went so quick. I feel like 2020 will be one of the best years yet, for me. I am so excited to be a momma and see baby boy grow over the next year.

November IG Recap

Y'all... I blinked and November disappeared! WHAT?! Where does the time go?! It was a pretty busy month with getting ready for baby boy, Thanksgiving, ALL.OF.THE.SALES, and spending some sweet quality time with Jake!

Hospital Bag + Postpartum Care

This is probably one of my more requested blog posts lately! It is definitely not perfect and I am sure that there are items I could add or take away, but this is what I have decided on for my hospital bag! :)

A December to Remember-Life Update

How in the world is it already the end of November? I have no stinking clue. Jake and I were walking around JCPenny last week just repeating over and over how in shock we were! lol! "Can you believe it?"... "no, I can't... but really... can you believe it is almost December?".. over and over. Lol!

White Elephant Gift Guide

It is officially holiday season and it kicked off with a bang! The sales are already going crazy and holiday parties are well under way! Jake and I took a walk down by the water just to kind of relax from all the crazy for a bit and I wore this jacket to keep warm!


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  • My mom: “let’s take the truck to go get flowers from Lowe’s”....... uhhhh ok.... I can’t promise we will make it home in one piece but I’m always down for a challenge 🤪😂 Errrrrrybody body buckle up #katyisdrivingamonster 🤪// Headed to go get landscaping and cannot wait!!! Cooper had his two month appointment and my heart..... HOW.🤯❤️😭 // #liketkit #ootd #comfy #casualstyle #casualoutfits #newmom #camo #seattle