Our Favorite/Most Used Baby Items

Some days I open up my DM’s and every single one of them is about baby stuff and my sweet Cooper boy! I am always torn if I should keep it Fashion on my IG or add in as much Lifestyle as some of you gals are looking for. I figured this was an easy way to update those who are interested on our MUST HAVE/MOST USED baby products/gadgets! I will come back and update it as we find new items we love.

If you are looking for recommendations on what to pack for your hospital bag, you can find that post HERE! I’ll be the first to tell you that I believe in being fully prepared for anything but we only spent a day and a half in the hospital so I didn’t end up using most of the stuff on my list. For sure get a comfortable robe/pajamas, a good blanket, a heating pad, and some comfy socks.

[All items are linked in the title or the product picture]


Hi.. hello..I love you… can we be besties?! Y’all I will fully admit that I LOVE our DockATot and Cooper does too. It has been a life saver and it is so easy to travel with. It is easy to clean and you can even get cute covers for it to make it more personalized! *We watch Cooper closely when he is in the DockATot. This is what works for our family.*

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Cooper sleeps.. I sleep.. you sleep.. we all sleep.. thanks to this little sound machine! You can adjust the night light color and sounds from an app on your phone. It is programable to create a scheduled wake-up time when he gets older. It is pretty much amazing and I am going to need another one when he moves to his own room because it knocks me right out too!

Car Seat

We actually have two car seats. We have one for my car and one for Jake’s truck. We use the Doona carseat/stroller for Jake’s truck and we really do love it. We use the Nuna Pipa Lite LX for my car and it has been perfect!


This is the stroller that we have! We love it and his car seat clicks right in to the frame of the stroller. It will be easy to convert in to a toddler seat as he gets older.

Baby Carrier

This carrier makes me feel like an octopus! Cooper loves being in the carrier and close to our bodies! It also makes it really nice to have full use of both of my arms and still be able to hold him! I do like the ease of use with this carrier. It is very simple to put on and put Cooper in it.

Diaper Bag

I love love love this diaper bag! It is GREAT quality and it actually holds so much stuff! I will say that I am a huge fan of the backpack diaper bag versus the shoulder diaper bag.

MamaRoo Rocker

We loved the 4moms mamaRoo when Cooper was first born and he did too! It swings, plays music, reclines, and you can control it from your phone. He would just hang out in it and watch the world around him perfectly content. The older that he gets, he prefers the mamaRoo somedays more than others.


We have been using this bassinet since we had to move out to the new property and it has been great for us! Cooper sleeps great in it and I love that the sides are breathable. It is easy to travel with and has a rocking capability.

Zip-Up Onesies

You will not catch me buying those onesies that button or snap all the way up! I mean who even?! Did the designers of those ever try getting those snaps right at 2am on a wiggling screaming baby?! Zip-Up all.the.way.

Wub-A-Nub Paci

Cooper isn’t super big in to pacis! It comes and goes. We have found that he does loves this type of paci and he loves the little stuffed animal attached. It also makes it easier to find in my opinion!


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