Family Fall Photo Outfits


This post has been MUCH requested!! I threw three images together that I love and are perfect for family photos, or even just Fall in general! I will continue to make outfits and upload them to this post throughout the month!

*Disclaimer- these are not our fall photos, just a quick photo that was snapped a few days ago with great fall color combos! *


Color Combinations & Tips:

// Red/Maroon, Black, Cream //

// Denim, Leopard, Cream //

// Navy, Maroon, Cream, Demim //

// Mustard, Cream/Oatmeal, Navy //

// Mustard, Cream, Denim //


– Base family photos off of your outfit! Planning your outfit is the hardest, and planning the families is the easiest. Plan your outfit first, and then begin to match everyone else to yours.

– You shouldn’t all match perfectly!! Everyone has the idea that since it is family photos, everyone needs to have the same colored shirts/pants/everything! Nope! Then you will all blend in and look like one giant blob! Make sure you alternate colors. If you are doing a cream top, have your significant other do the opposite color, like rust/red/maroon!

– Fall photos don’t have to be over the top! Often times, outfits look better in photos when they are simple! A simple top, pants, and shoes!

– Also, when planning your outfit, make sure not to go way out of your comfort zone. These are photos you will have and share forever. You want to make sure that you look and feel yourself.

– Think of a location with your photographer before decided on your outfit! Often times you pick an outfit in your head, and then it doesn’t quite match the landscape of the photos! If you are taking them downtown, you wouldn’t wear a flannel/jeans/booties, whereas in a more country vibe, you would! Make sure that the overall vide/theme of the photos and outfit, fit you and your families personality.












Addition Items:



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  1. 11.7.18
    Jordan Reynolds said:

    These are so cute! I would love to see a winter/christmas one!

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