Mornin’ Sunshine!

So now that is is officially summer here in Washington.. when I say the sun is up at the butt crack of dawn.. I mean it!! Sunrise has been right around 5:10am and let me tell ya… that is EARLY when you have no blinds or curtains yet! Mama is TIRED!

I have been trying to be intentional with my extra time in the mornings. I will start by saying it doesn’t always happen this way and some mornings I get more time than others, but it is nice when the stars align and it does actually happen!

I like the quiet time in the mornings to quietly drink my warm cup of coffee out on the patio. I try to read a few chapters of my current book or catch up on my E news. I feel better prepared for the day when I can slowly start my morning on my own terms. Like I said, it doesn’t always happen and sometimes Cooper has different plans and just wants to hang with mama extra early! && that is perfectly okay too!!

I was talking with some girlfriends about this morning routine and I was going to share some ideas you can do in case you find yourself with some quiet time in the mornings.

  • Journaling- This can be good during our current climate to just help get all of the things that are going on in your head 24/7 out on paper. It can be in words, phrases, doodles, lyrics..honestly there’s no rules!
  • Reading- You can take this quiet time to read. I feel like we all say, “I wish I read more.” Well be intentional and do it during this time.
  • Quiet Time- This can be your quiet time to pray, meditate, send out positive vibes in to the world, find positivity for yourself and your day that you have ahead of you, or just be still for 10 minutes as you start your day.
  • TV- If these are the only moments you get alone during the day and you want to use them to watch an episode of the show you’ve been binge watching, then by all means girl, you do it! Do you boo!
  • Exercise- It is a good time to get in exercise of any kind. Yoga, stretching, a walk, cardio, home workouts..whatever you’ve got to get your body moving and the blood pumping. The endorphins will help start your day on the right foot!
  • Scheduling/Mapping Out The Day- If this is your personality and you need a visual for your day, this is a good time to get everything all sorted out so you are prepared for the day ahead of you.

Whatever you decide to do with those extra minutes, even if you have to set your alarm to get those extra minutes, there are no rules. This is YOUR “me-time.” Do with it what makes you HAPPY and at PEACE, because we all deserve as many peaceful and happy starts to our day that we can get!

I will say there is one rule… you can stay in your pjs but you HAVE TO get out of bed! Don’t fall victim to falling back asleep (unless your body is telling you that is the self care you really need) or laying in bed scrolling your phone for far too long.

I love these pj sets from Jockey. They are great quality and very comfortable to sleep in but I also feel like they are easy to wear around the house while I get things done in the mornings. They have so many different color options and styles. I think I may try some of the pajama style dresses/nightgowns.. idk I am a total shorts and top girl but it could be worth a try!


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  1. 6.29.20
    Mikaela said:

    You read my mind with this post! I have been setting my alarm to 5am daily just to make sure I have extra time to sip my coffee and not have to chug it. Then I’ve been watching the news while I work out/stretch. That is something I absolutely must do during these crazy times. I also try to go out back and look at the ocean before I head off to work just so I wont snap on anyone lol.

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