Sunshine, Swimsuits and Summer Recipes

Summer is upon us and for some of you it is already in full swing. We are still in the 60’s in Washington but I am not complaining. My Texas girls are already sweating it out with 90+ temperatures. It’s funny how quickly you acclimate to your climate. The thought of 90 degree temps now makes me want to crawl in a hole. However, I still appreciate a good sunny day soaking up some Vitamin D and fresh air.

I had a hard time finding some cute swimsuits for the summer with this strange new body of mine. It is so weird to feel like the body you have is all of a sudden a different one but I am so thankful and trying to embrace every new curve, line, and extra bit of skin on this Mom Bod. Nordstrom Rack had some really great suits and I was super impressed with the price point. I honestly feel more comfortable in a one piece because I have pretty much always shied away from swimsuits, but they have really great options for bikinis, high waisted bottoms, and tankinis too! You can grab suits for the whole family and then just spend the rest of the summer outside enjoying the weather and extra time together.

There’s something about spending summer days outside all day long that is good for the soul. I have a feeling we will be cooking outside pretty much all summer. I was looking for some good summer recipes that I can use for when we grill out and I thought I would share them with you guys.

This appetizer is always a hit and it is SO easy to make. It is a crowd favorite and I would suggest doubling the recipe so you don’t run out! I also highly recommend using all fresh ingredients. It makes a big difference! *It’s also a great recipe to make a big batch of and just eat for lunch during the week as a quick grab and go lunch.*

Caprese Salad

This recipe is a great summer dessert or side dish. You can make it ahead of time and let it chill in the refrigerator until you are ready. It is SOOO easy to make and it is always a hit.

5 Cup Salad

I feel like this one doesn’t need a whole lot of introduction because…hello…YUM?!? I guarantee you this just taste like a long summer day!

Watermelon Cucumber Mojito


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