Throwback Jams & White Jeans

Jake and I love to listen to music! Some kind of music is on almost 24/7 over here. We have a playlist on Spotify that I have shared with y’all a couple times that you can find HERE if you are interested. It is a lot of “No Nashville Country” tunes. I could honestly listen to pretty much anything with a beat though.

I asked y’all on stories for some of your favorite throwback songs and I was cracking up at the responses. It’s so funny/cool/interesting to me how the second a song pops in to your head it transforms you back to a time when you were jamming to that song. You could be at a high school dance, driving in your first car with your high school friends, going through a breakup when that ballad is your anthem, at a college party, screaming in to your hairbrush in your bathroom, singing fake karaoke in your living room to your parents in your Limited Too track suit.. You just hear that song and instantly you are teleporting back to that moment in time. These are some of the songs you guys responded with and honestly I was jamming all day and cracking up!

Pop Lock and Drop It- Huey


No Scrubs-TLC

I Feel Like A Woman-Shania Twain

No Diggity-Blackstreet

Wannabe-Spice Girls

Boot Scootin Boogie- Brooks and Dunn

Anything NSYNC and Backstreet Boys

Wide Open Spaces- Dixie Chicks

Where Is The Love-Black Eyed Peas

I will say that there was a very 50/50 split between old school throwback country songs and hip hop/R&B! Y’all are either jammin’ on a back road or tearin’ up the club…and I am HERE for it! If you can’t go from 90’s Blake Shelton to Cardi to Cody Johnson to Lil Wayne to Lynyrd Skynyrd to Soluja Boy I just don’t know if we can vibe ya know?! JK! I truly love almost all music.

Switching up the beat.. get it?! Haha jk.. I have been keeping an eye on Express stuff for spring and summer. I love that they always have great pieces that can transition or are timeless. I mean white jeans and a cute black top will always be in. I love these jeans because they are not see through at all. I always lean towards Express for great blouses. Lately they have been running some really great sales, so keep an eye out for some closet staple items that you can pick up at a great price!

#Express #ExpressPartner


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