10 Cozy Outfits That I Am Living In These Days

I am sure you have all heard the word unprecedented more in the last month than you ever thought you would but it’s true! These are such weird unprecedented times. Most of us are homebound for the foreseeable future and many of you are rocking several roles while you’re home. Mom/Homeschool Teacher/Significant Other/Working Woman/Queen of the Household/Personal Chef/Housekeeper and so many other roles.. WE ARE DOING IT ALL Y’ALL!

While I think it is important for my own mental health to get up, get ready, and actually get dressed for the day.. I also genuinely love my comfy clothes! Sometimes your nighttime pajamas become your daytime pajamas that turn in to your nighttime pajamas again.. and that is OKAY!

I rounded up some of my favorite comfy looks to share with y’all to give you some inspiration in case you are wanting to change up your comfy/casual look.

Oversized Sweatshirt

Cute Graphic Tee

Graphic or Printed Sweatshirt

Cardigan and Tank or Bodysuit

Big Cozy Jacket

Cozy Pajamas


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  1. 4.9.20

    LOVE all things leopard & oversized so this post spoke to me!


  2. 4.13.20
    Stefani said:

    I am living in all of these lately! Sweats and crew neck sweatshirts! Hope you are staying sane in quarantine!

    xo Stefani

  3. 5.29.20
    Alex Hunter said:

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  4. 6.24.20
    Hayley said:

    I am loving all the oversized, cozy options! You give the best recommendations. Definitely sharing!



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