5 Tips for Working From Home

I think it’s no secret that we all have a little more down time right now and are doing all things from home! Whether that be working, taking care of kiddos, shopping, catching up on tv shows, hanging with family- all the things! Honestly, I’m pretty used to being home a lot because I work from home + I’m  the biggest homebody ever! Figured I would share 5 things I’ve implemented in my daily life that help keep my head on straight on these long days at home. 

1. Get ready! Always get ready!! Even if it’s just taking your pajamas off and throwing on a cute T-shirt dress! Linking up this new one I just got from Nordstrom Rack HERE! It’s so comfy, makes you feel put together, but still able to do all the normal household duties! 

2. Set an alarm, wake up, watch the news and eat breakfast or drink some coffee! I know waking up at a set time on your days home isn’t the most appealing thing ever, but I promise it helps! It keeps you on track and gives you a sense of routine and purpose! 

3. Plan out your day! Big or small, plan it and write it down! I’ll get ready at 7:30, start emails at 8:15, play with Cooper before his nap time at 9:30… and so on. It’s not anything crazy but it gives you a schedule and something to look forward to! 

4. If you can and have the means, make a meal! It breaks up your day and helps so much! I put my laptop down, turn the TV back on and start cooking a small lunch. Sit down at the table, eat and enjoy your lunch break! 

5. Clean something! Big or small! Clean down the countertops or move a load of laundry around! It helps you feel on top of it and productive while being cooped up inside! 

Now, once you are down with all of your adulting, sit down with a glass of wine, computer, and turn on your favorite show! I love having my “me time” and just scouring the Internet for new trends and sales! Nordstrom has SO many new trends and literally every style you could ever want at great prices! They have stuff for you, kiddos, hubby, and even home! Fun fact: I got my first ever designer bag from Nordstrom rack! I was over the stinking moon!! I was in 9th grade and had saved up my money for so long- I went to Nordstrom Rack and picked out a Michael Kors handbag! I still have it to this day! They have so many discounted designer brands there- def recommend checking them out!!


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