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What’s a family tradition of yours? Good or bad! Lol! Depending on when you asked me this question, my answer would be different! Haha! One family tradition of ours, that was started by my mama, is eating together. Boy howdy, I hated that tradition growing up. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING stopped this woman from making us all sit down at the table every single night and eating together. (Love you mama!) I’m not kidding y’all, we could be in a knock down drag out fight 15 minutes before dinner… screaming about 7 grade math test results and sure enough, we were gonna sit down at the table and eat together. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all that bad…. I actually really started to enjoy it. The older I got, it kinda became a staple. Even if I had friends over, we all knew, when we were at Carol’s house, we were eating at the table. Now that I’m older, that’s something Jake and I have tried to keep alive. We make sure to cook together when we can, and sit down and eat at the table together. No tv. No phones. Even if it is just 15 minutes, we eat together. It’s a time that brings us together. For some reason there’s a part of me that feels like food brings people together, and I love that.. and that’s why we love Home Chef. 

I know I know, you’re like, “really!? Home Chef… again??”… YALL… we literally use it every single week and LOVE it. I’m not kidding when I say the meals, 95% of the time are better than what you can even get at a restaurant- they are amazing! We use it every week for dinner and we used to use it for lunch. So, I figured I would answer some commonly asked questions I’ve received over the months about it! 

Is it easy to order? Mmm yes, like stupid easy. I prefer the app. Jake prefers the desktop version. They have 18 meals to pick from each week and you can select your meals way far in advance! 

How do I order? You can go to their website or download their app. Both ways are very user friendly, it just kind of depends on what you prefer. You can use the code: KATY100FREE for $100 off your first 4 boxes.

Are you locked in? Not at all! You can skip as many weeks as you want!! There was a point in my pregnancy where I was like wanting to cook and bake for all of America. I paused our Home Chef for like 4 weeks. Lol! Then started it right back up! 

Is it enough food? Yes… oh my lanta yes! That’s always my most asked question!! Plenty of food! I am a gal that loves to eat!! Jake and I always get the same portion at dinner.. lol, we both have plenty to eat! Sometimes we get the meals as a serving of 4 so we can have food left over for lunch the next day! 

Are they healthy?? Yes!! They have lots of dietary restriction options on the site and all of them are fairly healthy, AND portion controlled… that way you are not over eating.

Does it come with everything? YES!! I always get this question!! Girl… the meal we made last night was a fried Korean chicken and it even came with the oil to fry it!! It comes with literally every single ingredient and spice needed for the dish! That way you aren’t buying all these cray cray spices that you’ll probably only use once! 

Worth the price? Yes yes yes. Also, some weeks you can pick 5 meals, and some weeks you can pick 3 meals… totally up to you and worth every dang penny y’all!!  

It’s super easy and so good!! Hopefully this helps with any questions you had! I’m going to show some of my favorite recipes that’s Jake and I have cooked below so that y’all can get an idea! 

This is one of the recipe cards that comes with the meal. It shows every ingredient provided as well as average cook time, difficulty level, and spice level.
This is the back side of the recipe card. It gives you very detailed step-by-step directions on how to make your meal.

Korean Fried Chicken

BBQ Mushroom Flatbread

Prosciutto and Butternut Chowder

Garlic-Parmesan Crusted Filet Mignon

Home Chef Website



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