Life Update & What The Heck Happened To Our Rental?!

My oh my… it’s been a MONTH y’all. I am so, so so genuinely happy that it is February now! Lol. January was a lot to contended with. So, if you are new around here, I delivered our son Cooper, on 12/22/2019. Best day ever! But, the day before I delivered him we had a HUGE rain storm in Seattle… well, it flooded our dang rental y’all!! Like actual water up to our ankles in the back half of the house. It all drained, and fast forward to the end of January when they start to demo and fix those rooms…. they find black mold!! Ahhhh!!!! Thankfully, we had just purchased our house that we were supposed to be moving into this July. It was intended to be a fixer upper that we could work on for the next 6 months while still living in the rental. Well, that didn’t happen! Lol! The mold company called and basically said pack a bag and leave until we get more (nitty-gritty details that would bore you) figured out. So, we did just that! Packed a small bag and headed to the new house! We are enjoying it actually, it’s been pretty fun and the renovation is already underway! So we are super excited! We still don’t have any of our furniture or clothes or anything out of the rental so we are kinda having to make due! 

Although, I did go to Walmart and pick up a few goodies along with our groceries! They had so many cute PJ’s and basics out that I couldn’t help myself! First, these leopard PJ’s are the cutest dang thing and SO soft!! Also, y’all know I love their athleisure so I picked up another one of my favorite windbreaker pullovers, a jacket, and a cute athletic top! They are bringing in so many cute basics lately! I saw a pair of leggings on the rack and immediately thought of a designer brand I know of… they are killing it in the design area these days, and so dang affordable!!


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  1. 2.7.20
    Britt said:

    I’m new to following you and absolutely LOVE your style! And the fact that you post items that are affordable is a win win. For your Walmart purchases, I’m having a hard time finding them on the Canadian Walmart website, what are the runners called that you’ve been wearing recently? Love them!

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