15 Facts About Me

I’ve never done a blog post that’s a full blow recap on my life….. mostly because I don’t think it would be interesting and I know y’all wouldn’t care! Lol! BUT, I do get asked a lot of basic questions and me, Jake, our life, and other things about my upbringing! So, I figured what is the best way to end 2019 than with some facts about me? 

1. Jake and I got married SUPER young! Right out of high school for me! And we only dated for a short bit before getting married and moving to NC where he was stationed in the military! We grew up in the same home town though! 

2. I once climbed the Grand Canyon. Like actually climbed it. Top to bottom. With a huge backpack. On thanksgiving. My moms idea. I was not pleased at the time, but looking back, I guess it wasn’t so bad! Lol! 

3. In high school, I was a medical athletic trainer! I took after my sister, Molly! She did the same thing, she’s 4 years older! We handled all of the sports injuries for our high school! I was the football and baseball trainer! Fun fact: the year that I was the baseball trainer, we went to state and WON!! I have a state ring from it! Go Coach Harvey!! 

4. Jake and I lived in Boston for a few months and LOVED IT. Just wasn’t the right time for us, or we would have stayed. Almost all my extended family lives in the surrounding area of Boston/New York… so I hold that area close to my heart! 

5. I do not, ever, ever turn down food. I’m probably the least pickiest person ever. There’s maybe 5 foods I don’t like, 1 being mushrooms. Jake and I HATE mushrooms! 

6. My dad and his wife recently moved to Ecuador and work in a soup kitchen there! Very odd, and random move for him (if you know him…. very out of character, lol), but we are proud of him and he loves it!! 

7. I love history and science! Jake and I always go to museums and things like that! I hate hate hate math and English. Lol! 

8. There’s a handful of drinks I like. Shirley temples, water, coffee, wine, lemonade, orange fanta, and high pulp OJ. If it’s not one of those, I’m most likely not thirsty! Lol! I hate dark soda!! 

9. I’m a salt girl for life!! I love a dessert, but if I have to pick….. app or dessert, 10000% an app! Bring me all the chips!! 

10. My first job was chuck-e-cheese. For 2 days. I’ll leave it at that. Hahaha! 

11. I have a tattoo that’s spelled wrong. And I think Jake almost blew a gasket on the tattoo artist! Lol! “She has fire in her soul and grace in her HART”……. he spelt HEART WRONG.. hooooow. Lol! Never got it fixed! It’s too small and it would look even worse.

12. I’m one of the few people that HATES getting their hair/nails/massages… anything of that nature done. I need to be doing something, checking things off my list. Sitting there, still, for long periods of time is the most un-relaxing thing to me! Haha! Give me some Clorox wipes and my mind is at ease!! Lol! 

13. I am about 50% Scottish, and 50% Irish! My full blown name, like maiden name and middle name is V V Irish!!

14. I’m one of those weird people that LOVES a rainy day! Rainy days are my favorite! Nothing I love more than candles going, raining coming down, and getting all the things done around the house!! 

15. Pizza and Mexican food are 100% my two favorite food groups! 

Well that was fun, if you made it that far! My windbreaker, which is my typical run around the house with Clorox wipes uniform, is from Walmart! Lol! I love love love it! I actually picked it up in store and ended up ordering the other color online! It’s buttery soft and super affordable! It was under $20!! They have the best activewear! I also snagged my Reeboks from their online site too! I actually had these shoes a few years back and wore the heck out of them until I lost them! I ordered them ASAP when I saw them scrolling the Walmart site!


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  1. 12.16.19

    Loved learning more about you. I too prefer salty snacks over sugar. I could live on chips and salsa. In fact, I’m pretty sure I have salsa running in my veins.

    • 1.14.20
      Katy Roach said:

      Girl you and me both!! Salsa Soul Sisters over here!!

  2. 12.29.19
    Lacey said:

    Do you afford your $7,000 rent in Kirkland off a firefighter and blogger salary?

    • 2.4.20
      me said:

      @lacey- rude.

  3. 4.25.20
    Nadine said:

    I love your IG content especially seeing you guys do your fixer upper. I cannot wait to see the finished product. Your MIL suite has inspired me to redo a similar space that we have.

  4. 11.30.20
    Melissa S. said:

    Am I the only one that notices u are not in the same home u renovated on the lake? Have u moved again. I actually had to go back to look at post but for sure , not the same kitchen , bedroom, outdoor furniture. Update us if u can.

    • 12.10.20

      If you follow her on Instagram, you will see that over the summer she announced that her, jake, coop and the pups were moving back to Texas! Which is where they live now❤️

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