Winter Essentials from Head to Toe

The weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful.. and since we’ve no place to go.. we might as well be warm, cozy, and comfortable amiright?! I threw together a list of winter essentials that make surviving the colder/drier temps a little more bearable!


You lose a lot of heat through your extremities so you always want to keep your head and your ears warm! Cute beanies are my favorite way to do just that!


Everyone is different when it comes to warming their bodies but I am definitely a layers girl! You will catch me with a t-shirt, a flannel, a jacket, and then a coat on all at the same time! I’m not taking any chances! Here are some of my favorite layering basics and coats.

Layering Basics

Jackets & Coats


We used to have this on-going debate growing up because if we weren’t wearing socks my mom always thought our feet were so cold. My sister LIVED in flip flops year round and it drove my mom and dad crazy! Now we all wear slippers around the house all day every day. Here are some of my must have slippers and socks to have laying around!


My skin honestly just gets grumpy in the winter. I have to moisturize and drink water like CRAZY to keep my skin hydrated! I added some of my favorites for keeping my skin looking fresh! I am also not about to lose my tan just because the sun has disappeared so I’ll link that here too!

Cozy Around the Home

I wish I was exaggerating when I say that Jake calls me the blanket queen but I am not! I have blankets in every room of the house! I LOVE cozy blankets and firmly believe that you can never have too many..especially in the winter time!

*I also went ahead and linked our duvet and duvet cover because I get lots of questions about that!*


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