5 Goals I Have for the New Year

Actually blown away that it is almost 2020 y’all! Blown away that this year came and went so quick. I feel like 2020 will be one of the best years yet, for me. I am so excited to be a momma and see baby boy grow over the next year. 
I was laying in bed the other night and started to panic a little bit, honestly. Although I think this is going to be the best year yet.. I think it will be the most overwhelming. I have struggled with anxiety for most of my adult life in many aspects, but I am sure motherhood will be a whole other level. I feel like I have always been one of those people that says, “you should set goals all year… not just the new year”.. blah blah. Lol! But, I feel like this year is different! I want to go into the year, clear minded and know darn well what my goals are and stick to them!

  1. Be patient with myself and with Jake. Having a baby is hard. We are both new to this whole parenthood thing… we will both screw up. Allow the mistakes, and learn, and move on. 
  2. Work less. That sounds crazy.. lol. But, it has always just been Jake and I, and he has always been so kind and understanding of this job. I am working at 2am on a Wednesday, or noon on a Sunday. I never put the work down. It is hard in this industry. 2020 I want to be THERE. Really there with Jake and baby boy. I want to set aside times of the day where the phone is up and it is just family time. 
  3. So, this one is mixed emotions… lol! I want to start and end my day with a routine. As much a possible. I know I am going to get all the feedback about- ‘routine.. with a baby? Not happening’… Yeah, well, for me it will be! haha! As much as I possibly can. I am a HUGE planner/routine person. I don’t want time with baby boy to get lost, time for myself, time with Jake, time for work.. all of the things. Jake and I have talked SO much about this and are trying to find the best way to break up our days. Morning feeding with baby, then time for me to get ready, more baby time, work, ya get the picture… obviously this will be a trial and error type thing, but I want and need a routine! 
  4. This may sound silly, but travel with baby! Even if it is something small… or even if it is something like going to the mall or spending the day out in a different city. I don’t want to think, “oh this is too much with baby boy and the dogs and packing everyone up and all the things’… no, no it’s not. Pack it up, take a big deep breath, and go make memories with Jake and baby boy. It will be worth it. Make it happen! I don’t want to look back on 2020 and realize we didn’t go anywhere or see anything. Save, plan, pack, make it happen! 
  5. Don’t complain. I have really really REALLY worked on this at the end of 2019 and I swear it has made a huge difference. Heat broke? Mkay, well we have a roof and heat  can be fixed. Deadlines coming up and I am tired, and want to spend time with Jake and baby? Mkay, well at least I have a paying job. It is all relative. Find the positive in things and let the negative roll off. Five by five rule: If it won’t matter in five years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset or complaining about it. Take it for what it is, smile, figure out a game plan and move on. 

I am sure more things will come with time, and some of these may fall through the cracks a little bit, but they are important to me and goals I really want to stick by. I know you could probably care less about my goals, but I figured sharing could help someone else out there in the same boat! For now, let’s snag all the deals, eat all the yummy food, and soak up the last little bits of 2019, y’all!! 
Speaking of snagging all of the sales, these boots were 110% one of my favorite sale finds! Oh my lanta… they are STUNNING in person. They were actually a top seller with you guys for the whole month of November! For a good reason! lol! I swear, they feel like $500 boots! The material, fit, style, color… everything about them is done perfectly! I actually snagged these after another Nine West purchase that I was blown away with! Nine west has some of the best shoes I have seen, and really good prices! I have a few pairs on my Christmas list that I have been eyeing from their website! I would 100% recommend these, or even another pair from them, if you have not ordered from them before! They have a huge selection, and lots of good winter sales going on!


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  1. 1.5.20
    Carley Hanson said:

    I have a baby boy and routine is our best friend!!! It is critical to our success and children thrive when they are on a routine. It will make your day so much easier.

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