5 Facts About June & Emmy

At first I thought, ‘what an odd topic for a blog post’, after I read a girls DM requesting it. But then I started to think, baby boy is about to arrive and I’m sure lots of attention will be on him, and I DO get toooons of questions about June and Emmy.. so, no time like the present! If you are new here, June and Emmy are our dogs…. more so our babies. They will ALWAYS be our babies, even when baby boy makes his arrival. We will have enough love for all three of them, and I can’t wait for them to meet their little brother! I always get asked if June and Emmy are always so cuddly with each other- 1000% yes! Lol! They will sleep directly on top of each other all day, everyday! It’s so funny because we originally ordered them two separate crates to be put in when we leave the house and they would always walk into the same one together (I’ll link the crate we use and LOVE right here!!)! Haha! They are sisters!! They love going on walks together- I’ll link their harnesses that we use from Walmart HERE. 


•June is a Black and Tan coonhound- full bread

•June is 4 years old

•We got June when we lived in NC! She is super lanky, lazy, sleepy, and queen of the house! 

•June is terrified of any sort of weather. We have struggled with this a lot and if you have been around from the start- you know! Any sort of light rain/wind, anything… and she is terrified. We have tried everything for our poor baby, and just let it ride out and cuddle with her till the weather is over. 

•June is named after June Carter…. the famous country singer that was with Johnny Cash. 


•Emmy is a beagle mixed with LOTS of other things. She is named after Emmy Lou Harris, also a older country singer. 

•I rescued Emmy off of the side of a road in NC. She was thrown out of a car window.

•Emmy is 4 years old- at least that is what the vet says. We aren’t totally sure. 

•Emmy is absolutely terrified of the car- rightfully so. 

•Emmy is so cuddly and has never once shown any form of aggression… which is crazy to me considering how she was treated as a puppy. We are SO beyond lucky to have her. 

June and Emmy are our whole dang world, and each other’s too!! Jake and I have been through A LOT as a young couple, and I swear those puppies have been our saving grace. We got them as a brand new married couple… back when we were so young, living in a new state due to the military, and they just kept us going, through the good and the bad. I’m sure those of you that have puppies can understand! Anyway, I’m going to link up some of our favorite puppy goodies and cozy pjs for the holidays from Walmart…. since that’s all I’m doing! Cuddling with my pups, and hanging in my pjs till this sweet baby arrives! Y’all know I love my Walmart PJ’s. For some reason it just feels better to spend responsibly when it comes to pj’s and Walmart always has the best ones for the best prices! They are all so dang soft! I am going to have to snag those Friends PJ pants because I am obsessed with Friends!


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