A December to Remember-Life Update

How in the world is it already the end of November? I have no stinking clue. Jake and I were walking around JCPenny last week just repeating over and over how in shock we were! lol! “Can you believe it?”… “no, I can’t… but really… can you believe it is almost December?”.. over and over. Lol! If you are new here, we have a sweet baby boy coming December 21st! At least December 21st is when he is supposed to get here!

I figured it would be fun to give a quick life update before sharing some gift items we picked up for family while we were at JCPenny!

We are 35 weeks pregnant, and so far everything has been smooth sailing! This pregnancy has been pretty easy on me… the last half at least! lol! I have had really bad back pain, and low iron but that is about it, thankfully! We HAVE picked a name… it is a name we have wanted since the day we got married! We will probably wait and share until baby boy gets here! Other than that, we are just doing all things ‘nesting’! Getting the house ready for mine and Jakes mom to get here at the end of December, and making final touches to baby room! I shared in stories, but if you missed it, we aren’t doing anything crazy to baby boys room at this house. Our landlords are moving back in at the start of summer and we will be moving out.. duh.. lol! So, we will wait to paint and do all of those fun things in the next house! But, he does have a pretty sweet set up and allllllll the baby things! I cant wait for him to meet you guys!

Like I said, as we were having a little mini freakout about the calendar in JCPenny, we did manage to knock out a few gifts and I did a little shopping! They have so much stuff, for everyone in your family and it is all great prices! The jewelry counter caught my eye a few times (push present… wink wink Jake!), and they had tons of really pretty earrings and necklaces on major sale! If you have not checked there for a mom/MIL gift, I would for sure take a look! I am going to link a few goodies I had my eye on below!


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