5 Accessories I Swear By For Winter

I feel like I am not a huge accessory gal… it comes and goes. I will say, I granite to accessories a lot more in the fall and winter and I am not totally sure why! haha! It must be a southern thing… in the summer I want the LEAST amount of things touching me since it is like a solid 140 degrees outside! lol! When fall and winter roll around, ya gotta load up on all the accessories you didn’t wear all summer! Does that make sense? Just me? I’m sure my Texas girls can relate!

  1. A beanie! I honestly used to hate beanies but Jake has always loved them! He wears them all of the time and has since we got married. I started stealing his to stay warm, and ended up loving them! They are so cute, warm, and add so much to an outfit!
  2. A good nude bag! Ya need a good warm nude bag for fall and winter that go with any and every outfit! One that is practical yet cute! Meaning it holds a lot, can get wet in the winter rain and not ruin, and still look stylish with your outfit!
  3. A wide brim hat! A neutral colored wide brim hat can bring your outfit a long way! I feel like a hat is ALWAYS a good accessory during the nasty fall/winter weather. Plus, a wide brim hat typically pairs better with a nicer outfit rather than a beanie!
  4. A good pair of sunnies! I realize this is an all year type of accessory, but it is still a must have accessory! I swear by two pairs of my sunnies and always have them with me! They are both warm tones and pair with any outfit I have on.
  5. A chunky scarf! I am not usually a scarf person unless it is really chilly, and it has to be the perfect scarf! I love a good neutral/chunky scarf that adds depth and texture to your outfit!

Since Christmas is rolling around the corner, I figured this post could be helpful as far as basics that you can purchase a girlfriend, sister, momma, or even yourself! I will say, if you are looking for more gift ideas outside of the items I listed above, Nordstrom has a ton. I was scrolling their gift section this week and got a few gift sets for some people in my family! They always have the best gift packages, plus they do free shipping and returns! Also, you can sign up for rewards and when you spend a certain amount, you will get a $20 reward! I did this during the Nordstrom Anniversary sale in July, and saved up my rewards dollars to use on Christmas gifts! Score! Just figured I would give that tip incase you didn’t know- because that was me LAST year! lol!



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  1. 11.7.19
    Alyssa said:

    Hey Katie!

    Love your posts, always! The cheetah hat and glasses are seriously SO cute, and totally up my alley. Definitely gonna have to go check those out!

    Thanks for always sharing your honest reviews of stuff, I totally look up to you as a blogger!

    xo, Alyssa

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