10 Most Binge Worth Shows/Movies

So, I thought this post would be fun to share with you guys for two reasons! One: I feel like you can tell a lot about people by the shows they watch! Two: I feel like some of the shows we watch are not talked about a ton… remember, I said *SOME*! lol!

  1. FRIENDS. Is this even a question?? Fun fact: Jake actually didn’t really watch Friends until he met me. One weekend we started watching it from the very first episode, and we finished the whole series in probably a month! haha! Its one of his favorite shows to this day! I grew up watching it with my momma and sister, and have always loved it!
  2. N.C.I.S.- This is another one that I tuned Jake onto! Some of you may have heard this story but my dad and I used to have a tradition every Tuesday night of eating his homemade chili, and watching NCIS. When I married Jake, I made him watch all of the seasons he missed, and we still watch it together to this day!
  3. The Walking Dead. Y’all…. I HATE… like loathe anything zombie related! haha! I feel like it was SO over done for a few years and for some reason I am just not a fan. It took Jake a solid two years to get me to watch this show, and hands down it is now in my top five favorite shows I have ever watched!! Like over Greys/Chicago series/anything! Give it a chance… you will be freaking HOOKED!!!!
  4. Yellowstone! We LOVE yellow stone. We actually almost tuned it off after the first episode because it was SO hard to follow, but once you get past that… you will be sitting on the edge of your bed till 3am watching it.
  5. Game Of Thrones- so, this one has come on and off my list a few times. It certainly has a disappointing ending… BUT, I think the whole show leading up to it was so will written/filled that you can’t NOT love it!
  6. Blue Bloods! This is another show that my daddy tuned me onto! My dad is former military/firefighter… so he loves all the crime shows! This shows is the BEST good ol’ family show that involves crime! If you like NCIS, you will LOVE this show!
  7. Diners Drive-In’s & Dives! Ok, so I know what you are thinking… a food show… hahah! I am telling ya, it is SO good!! there are so many seasons, and it is so neat seeing all the fun/unique places to eat all over the states! We actually actually make it a point to go to places that have been on the show, when we travel somewhere! So fun seeing it in real life!
  8. Life Below Zero! Jake and I love documentaries/true crime type stuff, and we LOVE anything Alaska… don’t ask me why, I have no clue. hahah! Like, Alaska State Troopers… OUR JAM!!! I just think it is such a different world, that it is cool to watch how people live out in the bush! We love it!
  9. I (ALMOST) got away with it! We love this one! It is another crime show but so neat, because the person it is about, is actually being filmed, in prison, talking about why he/she is there. Some of the stories are CRAY CRAY!!!
  10. Bar Rescue! Okay, another food type show.. I know. lol. BUT, there is something about watching John Taffer rip into a bar for how dirty it is/how crazy the owners are.. whatever the case is. It is insane to see how some of the places look behind the bar/kitchen doors! We love that show!

There is nothing better than crawling up in bed, especially with it being chilling and watching all your fav shows! I have been on a major velvet kick lately and picked these up from Walmart! I am needing all the comfy things that fit my belly these days and these are so good! I also found a few other cute matching sets that I am going to link up for you guys! Walmart has a ton of really affordable pajama lounge sets, and they even brought out some of their holiday ones already! So cute and affordable! I check this page often!

Obviously I have LOTS more shows I love, but they are more-so girly shows. Jake is not a fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Chicago series, KUWTK, RHOBH… ya know… all those shows we all love!



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