20 Splurge Worth Fall Items

Splurge worth?? How often do yall hear me say that? lol. Not a lot! BUT, I will say… I have been getting lots of request for more “splurge’ items, that will last, and stay in your closet for years, which I totally understand and I am all about! I feel like a lot of times, I will look at a price tag and be like”woahhhh…. not a chance”. But, when I do bite the bullet and get it, it ends up being one of my favorite items that I gravitate to for years! So, this is something that I am forcing myself to work on. Don’t get me wrong, I will always be a SALE SALE SALE gal.. but like I said, I find that a lot of my favorite items in my closet are items that I was like, “katy…. just do it, you love it, worked hard for it.. it will go with anything in your closet- GET IT’! So, here we are… and I am rounding up 20 items from Nordstrom that I either have, have in my cart, or on my Christmas list that I think are great closet staples and worth every penny! The reason I picked Nordstrom was because they have every single category that I wanted to cover- jewelry, clothes, shoes, bags, etc! Also, they have great customer service if anything goes wrong! If I am paying that much, I want to be sure that if something happens are goes wrong, I can go back to the store and get things resolved… which they are SO good about. Also, they are free shipping and returns… and who doesn’t love that???

Like I said above, I own the majority of these items, and currently have a few coming in the mail! I will share once they arrive!



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  1. 10.5.19
    Krysta said:

    I love that I started reading your blogs. I just ordered the leather jacket and I LOVE it!!

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