Fall Decor

So, I am not going to even try and act like I didn’t get all of this.. I purchased about 98% of the items listed below. (I am ashamed of myself, I know) Our Fall and Christmas boxes somehow didn’t make it in the move… (not sure how, it is what it is.. but, its an excuse to get more, right?? lol!) so I went a little ham on the Fall decor! LOL!

One thing I want to say… lately I have been ordering stuff from TJ Maxx (this is not sponsored.. trust me they took all my money hahah), and I am blown away! I honestly prefer it over going to the actual store! It says “Tj Maxx, but it is basically all of the items from Homegoods! It is all GREAT quality, has come packaged SO well, and arrives super quick! I didn’t even know that they offered shipping until recently, and its 100% worth it so I don’t have to walk into an over crowed/shelves falling everywhere Homegoods… ya know what I mean! lol! Also, I ordered a few things from Amazon, Kirklands, and Etsy!

I officially have my decor up, and will keep it up until the day after Thanksgiving. JUDGE ME.


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  1. 9.12.19
    Kayla martin said:

    Where are those cases with decorative leaves and pumpkins from? They are so cute!

  2. 9.12.19
    Mayra johnston said:

    LOOOOVE all of your fall decor! Fall is my favorite time of year but we are going through our second summer here in Illinois. That for sure isn’t stopping me from decorating though, super excited to try out your kale soup this weekend! Do you have a link for those tall vases on your entryway table? I somehow have managed to not find a dang vase I like. But these are so dang cute!

  3. 9.12.19
    lAuren said:

    Where are the stick pumpkins and the wreath on the mirror from?

  4. 10.27.19
    Christon Calvert said:

    I am so digging this Fall Decor post! My husband and I are newly married so I am starting out with a little bit of Fall decor and buying a little more every year to build up my collection! I am in the market for this year’s addition so this post was super helpful! I LOVE your stylish and classy taste in both home decor and clothing!

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