Baby Round-up

Well, this is surreal… I always thought about my first baby post for you guys, but just never thought it would come. Then, like y’all know, we found out we were having a baby very unexpectedly! Although it was quite the shock at first, we are over the mood and cannot wait for baby to get here! I have been doing all the baby research and buying!

Did yall know that August is National Breastfeeding Month?? Did you breastfeed? Formula feed? What did you like? What did you not?? Although this is our first child, and I have never personally been through this… Jake and I have felt very very strongly from the get go (like back when we got married lol), that fed was best. Of course I will take things as they come, and will give everything my absolute best, but we are firm believers that fed is best and happy momma + happy baby + happy hubby = happy/healthy life! So, we shall see! I am so excited to share our journey with you guys! I wanted to quickly round up the few baby items that I currently have in my cart at Walmart! They have TONS of top rated baby products that are all super reasonably priced and most all are 2 day shipping which is even better! Also, I will link the page I found everything: here!



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  1. 10.7.19
    Jamie said:

    Girl…keep the baby posts coming! For those of us who will never get to know the joys of motherhood, it is a fantastic resource to find gifts and tricks for friends and family who are blessing us with babies <3

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