Weekly Grocery Haul

  • Cilantro Lime Chicken (tacos/burritos/bowls)
  • Tomato Tortellini Soup
  • Ham & Cheese Croissants

Cilantro Lime Chicken

  • 1lb-2lb Chicken Breasts
  • 1 packet of Taco Seasoning
  • 4 Limes
  • 1 bunch of Cilantro

This is probably one of the easiest and most versatile recipes you can make! Such a good option to have on the list and we make it ALL THE TIME.

Place the chicken breasts in a CrockPot. Cover them with the packet of Taco Seasoning and juice from 4 limes. Add 1/4 cup of water and then sprinkle cilantro over the top (typically 1/2 a bunch). Cook for 6-8 hours. Once the chicken is done, shred everything with the hand shredder. Ready to serve!

You can use this chicken to make tacos, burritos, or bowls similar to Chipotle.

Tomato Tortellini Soup

  • 1lb of Italian Sausage
  • 28oz can of Crushed Tomatoes
  • 2 cans of 10.75oz of Tomato Soup
  • 4 cups of Chicken Broth
  • 2 8oz containers of Chive Cream Cheese Spread
  • 18oz package of Cheese Tortellini
  • Salt & Pepper for taste
  • Red Pepper Flakes *Optional*

In a skillet, brown the Italian sausage and grind it up! (Side note: I always trow about 1 1/2 teaspoons of minced garlic in with the meat when I am cooking it.) This is the best tool ever for grinding up meat. In the CrockPot, add the Italian sausage, chicken broth, crushed tomatoes, tomato soup, salt and pepper, and red pepper flakes. Cook together for 6-8 hours. Stir in softened cream cheese and uncooked tortellini. Cook for 15-30 more minutes or until the tortellini is cooked through. Stir the soup well and serve immediately. I sprinkled mine with parmesan cheese!

Serve with caesar salad and garlic bread!

Ham & Cheese Croissants

  • 1 lb of Sliced Honey Ham
  • Kraft American Cheese Slices (3 or 4 slices)
  • 1 package of Pillsbury Croissants (makes 8, so get 2 if you are needing more)
  • Melted butter
  • Garlic Salt *Optional*
  • Parsley *Optional*

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. On a cookie sheet with a baking mat, open up and unroll croissants in to triangles. Place desired amount of ham and cheese at the bigger end of the triangle. I typically use one piece of ham and 1/3 of a slice of cheese per croissant. Continue this step until all croissants are done and rolled up. Brush the tops of the croissants with melted butter and sprinkle with garlic salt and parsley. Bake for 10-15 minutes until the croissants are golden brown.

You could serve it with chips, a salad, potato salad, mac and cheese, or tater tots.


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  1. 8.18.19
    Jennifer said:

    I’m adding all of these to my meal plan for next week. Thanks again for great recipes! They sound so yummy!!

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