The Perfect Window Shades

Wow oh wow, I get SO many questions about the blinds in our Texas house! We love/loved those blinds so much! We were ecstatic to find a new construction home to move into, until we realized there were no blinds up. Me, being the safety freak that I am, started searching immediately for blinds to install in the house, and quickly became discouraged at how pricey they were! It didn’t help that we had so many windows, and they were all huge! I came across and was blown away by the cost! I was a little bit skeptical at first, because of the low cost but we ended up ordering samples and I loved them! The price and quality was AMAZING!! Since the price was so affordable, we actually ended up getting motorized blinds, which we fell in love with! The cost wasn’t much different than normal drawstring blinds, and it came with a super modern remote that just mounted to the wall for easy access.

The exact blinds that we went with were the light filtering blinds in ivory with a cascade over the top (this is the white panel that hides the ‘ugly roll up’ area of the blind). I love these blinds because they are super thin/sleek/modern, but you can’t see through them and they don’t get dirty easily! Score!! As far as installation went, it was a BREEZE! Jake measured all of the windows in the house and inserted the measurements on the website, in correlation with the correct room. When the blinds came, they were all individually wrapped and labeled with the exact window they were supposed to go to! Once out of the wrapper, it took about 5 minutes to put each blind up. They came with two brackets that drilled right into the roof of the window, and you just popped the blind right in! I honestly could have hung the blinds myself- they were stupid easy to insert! They have been going strong ever since and even our tenants love them!! I couldn’t recommend enough for anyone moving or wanting to upgrade window treatments!


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  1. 8.9.19
    Lisa said:

    Where did the barrel shade in the dining-room come from?

  2. 8.15.19
    liz bateman said:

    Can you share which style/color shades these are? Thanks!!

  3. 3.24.20
    Tracy said:

    I really like these blinds. Which light filtering option did you choose? They have so many

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