Update Your Office Wear For Spring

I asked this on my Instagram today, and the responses are killing me! “What was your first job? And what age?”… Mine was Chuck-E-Cheese, at 16, for 3 days…. HAHA! I could not wear a mouse suit for a second longer. At that moment, I realized I was going to work as hard as I could, every single day, and not take ‘no’ for an answer… it’s a work in progress, obviously, but I have yet to wear a mouse suit since I quit… so I am honestly winning in my book. Hah! But, in all seriousness, Jake is such a hard worker and I am so thankful for that, because I like to think I am too.. lol. We have struggled, hard, but everyday we wake up and want better for us and our marriage and strive to make that happen.

I grew up in a fairly normal household, middle in-come, but was taught early to provide for myself. No handouts from my parents, ever, even back then. I had a job the second I turned 16, I paid for everything I had, and I worked countless nights while my friends were out doing all of the things. I haaaated my parents at that time.. (at least that’s what my dramatic 16 year old self thought). But, as I grow older, I am FOREVER thankful for that work ethic they have instilled me.

This past weekend I attended a work conference, where women from all over came to attend. There were women of all backgrounds, circumstances, personalities, everything.. and it was amazing to hear everyones story. There are so many women out there that are stay at home moms, or a working mom, or a boss lady, or a student, or a student and a boss lady, or a care giver, and everything in between… and I have the MOST respect for them all! There is nothing I love more than seeing a hard working women, killing the game, and supporting other women in the process! There are room for us all, and together we can change the world, ladies! Cheers!!!

As for the clothes themselves, y’all know Express is my JAM for workwear clothes! They have literally every fit/style under the sun, for every personality! I am not kidding when I say, everything fits like a glove! I have never found a blazer I like, until Express… and I love it!! Also, I LOVE that they show each item on different body types, rather than one model! How stinking cool is that?? I actually have a code from them for $25 off of $100: 8151 (Expires: 4/15/19)

Thank you Express for sponsoring this post, as always everything was picked out by me and my own opinion.


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