Spring Back Patio Reveal

Of course I had to add one of my sweet bunny girl! (:

Eeekkk!! I feel like I’m 10x’s more excited about this post than I have been for any fashion post! Lol! Ever since we moved, I have been bombarded with house questions. Where did you get that? How did you style this space? What are you doing in that area for spring/summer? All of the things!! So, as y’all know… the house is still very much so a work in progress. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”…. my momma and daddy always said… and stilllllll say. (*insert loving eye roll here*) lol! I’m someone that needs stuff done ASAP. To be totally honest, finishing the interior of the house was a little daunting… Each space needs something and the price tag just adds up and up and up… and stresses me the heck out!!! Lol! I needed one space, that I could easily complete, without spending a fortune, that I could spend time in. The patio!

The patio, or as my mother would call it, “the veranda”…. (because she was raised in Italy and likes to joke that she’s fancy… lol), is easily one of my favorite spots to be at! I don’t know about y’all, but Jake and I are huge outdoors/landscaping/patio people! Jakes the guy that mows the lawn twice a week, waters 24/7, and fertilizes as soon as spring hits. We used to joke that you could throw a baby on our lawn in North Carolina because it was so green, fluffy, and luscious! Hahaha! Like I said, we are backyard people! I wanted to make a super affordable, easy space, that we could spend lots of time in! I usually get up every morning and drink my coffee on the patio, while the dogs play ball! Then, depending on the day, I will try and knock out as much work as possible out there! But above all, we try and eat dinner on the patio as much as possible! It’s a way for us to get away from the TV, watch the dogs play, and talk over dinner! It’s one of my favorite parts of the day! I feel like I’ve been holding out on y’all.. one of my favorite spots and you guys have yet to see it- I’m so excited for today’s post!

I basically grew up at The Home Depot- anyone else? I think 95% of days below the age of 15, were spent sitting on a flat bed orange cart, while my dad pushed me around for what seemed like (WAS) hours! Haha! Anywho, that’s obviously the first place Jake and I headed when it came to the patio! Although we decided to keep our older patio furniture, we found SO much cute decor, and a coffee table! I love our coffee table because it’s thick and heavy, but it’s not wicker, it’s a textured black metal so it doesn’t ever get dirty! Best part? Under $90!!! Then, we get two of my all time favorite planters from The Home Depot, for under $60 each! They are huge in person!!! Life hack: put fake flowers in your planter so they don’t fall over dead in that southern summer heat! Lol! As for the table decor it self, the flowers are my absolute favorite! Every single person that has come over has commented on them and purchased them! They are also fake, but they are gorgeous in person! I’m not kidding… if you buy anything, let it be a fake pot of NICE flowers for your outdoor area! It makes a world of difference! We also have cute, plastic, wine glasses- which I love for dinner time! With the dogs playing ball and all of the things, I hate bringing my actually glasses outside! We also got candle holders that I LOVE- Jake actually picked them out.. he did a pretty great job! They are metal, so they are super sturdy and I think they add so much to the space! Rather than putting real candles in them, (when your husband is a firefighter… you don’t get to enjoy real candles anymore.. lol!) we got the LED candles and they look great at night! Overall, I just wanted a very simple, clean, space that was cozy and easy for anyone to recreate. I realize not everyone has a huge deck/patio (neither do we), so I wanted to create a spot that the majority of people could recreate in their own space! A rug, few chairs, plastic cups, flowers to brighten up the space, outdoor friendly candle holders, and a great coffee table to serve off of! P.S. I can’t forget my wine cooler!! Y’all know I love my wine! This little wine cooler is such great quality- its marble! You can fit a bottle of wine in there and it helps keep it cool all through dinner/apps! Like I said, basically everything is from The Home Depot! I ordered almost all of it online, because they have free shipping over $45! Plus, their online selection is crazy good!!! I had no idea! They home pages and pages of home decor, serving stuff, and furniture!! 

Thank you The Home Depot for sponsoring this post- as always, everything was picked out by me and my own opinion.


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