Updated Home Round-Up

I have been wanting to do a updated home post for items we have purchased because it feels like boxes are coming in quicker than we can throw them away, but when I sat down to do it… I realized that we haven’t received a whole ton! There are some items that I cannot link, sadly! Like our mirrors, most of our faux trees and decor! It is all from Homegoods! The stuff I could link, I did! Like I said previously, I will continue to update you guys and do a blog post on each specific room, as soon as it is complete!

*Our breakfast table chairs ARE LINKED below but the photo will not show up*


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  1. 3.12.19
    Teylor Huhn said:

    Hey there! My name is Tey and I SUPER love all your post. I first started to follow you on Pinterest and then wanted to see like how you do your hair and your tanning tools etc. but I don’t have any social media so I then thought maybe you have a YouTube and you kinda do but not really lol and then most of your videos were like snap I saw or instagram. But like I said I don’t have any social because it literally causes me to have anxiety. But I just wanted to say you’re super inspiring and so funny! Thanks for all the great tips and tricks!

    All the way from Cali.
    -Tey! (:

  2. 3.14.19
    Jasmyne said:

    Hey girl!! I found you through IG and fell in love with your feed! i absolutely love your style! its is so cute and affordable! I love this post, it is making me so excited for my move to Colorado! I live in Houston so it would be a big change in weather for us! I did want to ask, how did you decided what to buy for your house but still kept it affordable? My only concern is the quality, of course i don’t want to spend a lot if i don’t have to but I also don’t want to waste my money ya know?

  3. 3.23.19
    Amy Geders said:

    Hi Katy! Thanks for posting all your house stuff here! I love your style and have been looking for some fake plants to add to our first house. After all we need to add some green to our space but ones that can’t die because I’d forget to water them! Thanks for all you do girl! Keep up the good work!

  4. 3.23.19
    Sonya said:

    Hey there gorgeous…. I was just wondering how to get comments or DMs read by you? Is there a trick? I’ve been sending you DMs and I’m active on all your stories and I have never, not once recieved a response in a year…. I just wondered if maybe you only respond to certain people (I hear you say “talking with a follower” alot)or if I’m doing something wrong? A year is a long time to reach out to a blogger that you adore and never be seen?! Anyway…. love your content and adore you! Hopefully you see this!! ♥️

  5. 5.15.19
    Jaspreet Kaur said:

    Hey there….where did you get your blinds motorized from? I know you mentioned this in the stories but I forgot. We are getting quoted for $200 PER BLIND!! 🙁 Please help.

    Thank you

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