Home Round-Up: Part 1

So I initially started this post with hopes of doing a ‘Amazon themed’ home round up… and then my fingers got a little click happy and I ended up just adding everything we have purchased for the home so far. Which, I would say is still 90% Amazon! lol!! I wanted to include everything- our dish soap container all the way to our couch! You guys have requested SO much home stuff, and I have been slacking… so here we are! I am sharing it all! I want to do a home round-up post every week or so, sharing the new items we are getting! I feel like a lot of times, things will end up selling out before I can ‘insta-worthy’ share them! lol! So, I want you guys to be able to snag them before that happens! Obviously, things like my couch and that stuff will eventually make it into a ‘living room’ dedicated blog post, but there are about a million and a half steps in between now and then. lol! I am more of a get excited and share now, type of girl! Speaking of more dedicated home blog post, there will be lots! I plan on doing one for each room, as well as more in depth topics, like: closet organization, pantry organization, bathroom organization, kitchen drawer organization, and so much more! So, keep an eye out for those, along with the specific rooms, like: master bedroom, living room, dining room, breakfast nook, and patio areas! I am so excited to have you guys along the journey with me! I feel like half my ideas come from y’all! Which I love and is SO helpful!!

Also, I know the items below are a wide range of goodies… like I said, I just wanted to round up all of the items that we have purchased and will be using! (:


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  1. 2.5.19
    KC said:

    Hey! Any and All that you post is a plus as far as im concerned..lol

    Thank You!!

    PS: wearing my tan fur hightops from Payless as we speak! Everyone comments on them! I know its not Amazon ( which I Love!) But, still! Grea th choice!!

  2. 2.5.19
    Alison said:

    So excited for y’all! Can’t wait to see it all in the new space ☺️

  3. 2.6.19

    I love anything and everything home organization! Can’t wait to see it in your new place!

    Sarah Lillian | https://livinglifewithsarahlillian.blogspot.com

  4. 2.6.19
    Samantha said:

    Bought those clear little organizer things when you shared them on instagram the other day, and absolutely love them! I order a set of just the larger ones as well and seriously, so perfect for the bathroom drawers and even our guest bathroom! Can’t wait to see what else you find.

  5. 2.6.19

    I’m so glad you posted this!! We have been looking for chairs for our dining room table, and the ones you have are perfect!! Also loving all of the amazon organizational products. Great job!

  6. 2.9.19
    Lori Bockius said:

    How do you subscribe to blog?

    • 2.16.19
      admin said:

      Hey girl! You can do that on the home page! There is a “subscribe” section at the very bottom! (:

  7. 2.10.19
    caitlin mortara said:

    hey! great post! Right now I am re doing my bedroom. It is a decent size room but the walls are weird due to them angling inwards( its weird) but I have limited closet space. Any advice for organizing. Also I want to make my desk into my vanity table , and advice on how to organize it to make it a vanity table and use the drawers for makeup etc..

    • 2.16.19
      admin said:

      Hey!! Thank you! And how exciting!! I will be doing SO much organizing in the new house and will touch a lot on vanity organization, as well as closet! Stay tuned for that! I have soooo many ideas! lol

  8. 5.15.19
    Jaspreet Kaur said:

    Hey there….where did you get your blinds motorized from? I know you mentioned this in the stories but I forgot. We are getting quoted for $200 PER BLIND!! ? Please help.

    Thank you

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