Updated Skincare Routine:

Wow oh wow, this is a question I get ALL the time! Skincare has always been a huge focus in my life. I had a TOUGH time with my skin throughout high school and early twenties. I still do. My skin is very oily, and very acne prone! Also, I should say that I am at fault to an extent… haha! I had acne, but I also had AWFUL acne scars. I literally could not help myself from picking at my acne… even knowing what would happen.

In 2018, I really tried hard to stick to a routine and not miss a step- it has paid off! My skin has done a complete 180. There is certainly more room for improvement though.. if you have seen me without makeup, which you all have, there’s lots of discoloration/scars/blackheads. In 2019, I am making it a point to stick to my current routine, and then add in more skin treatments, like facials!

I recently had my FIRST facial ever, and loved it!!! I honestly felt the difference with just one facial. I went to Nicole Lerum, at Legacy Salon & Spa in Rockwall TX. She is amazing!! And so affordable! Her instagram handle is @nicole_lerum and her phone number is 214-228-5212! I actually scheduled my second facial already, for Feb & I cant wait!

As for my products, I mostly use Tula and LOVE it!!! I snagged the whole line in May of 2018, and have been using it ever since. I truly do feel like it has made a world of difference on my face. My skin tone has become more even, less redness, more hydrated, less acne, more of a glow… all around great products! Like legit, this is not sponsored at all… I actually buy and use Tula, on my own! haha! Also, I use a ‘Dark Spot Serum” by Kiehl’s and I swear to you, IT IS LIQUID GOLD. I have never in my life spent $50 on anything for my face… but people were raving about it so I purchased it in July of 2018, and will NEVER go back. If you have acne scars, or dark spots, I 100% recommend giving it a shot. You have to be consistent and not miss a night, but trust me… you will see a difference very quickly!!

Steps: Wash face with Tula Clenser, then I apply my PH Gel, Acne Tone Gel, Aqua Infusion Gel, Kiehl’s dark spot serum, and then top with Tula moisturizer! (Before washing my face, I remove all of my makeup with mineral water- purchase at any drugstore) & once a month or so, I will use the Tula exfoliating mask which feels SO good on your face! (Sadly, the acne gel is sold out, so I am not able to link it! But you cam sign up for email reminders on their site for when it is restocked)

I reached out and asked Tula for a code for you guys- use KATYR for 20% off!

If you saw my stories today, you know I am giving away FIVE discovery kits to you guys! The discovery kit has all 4 Tula items listed above in it! Which is SO exciting! Very easy to enter! *MUST BE FOLLOWING ALL STEPS TO WIN, WE CHECK* GIVEAWAY CLOSES MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY (1/27/2019)

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  1. 1.27.19
    Michaela said:

    Heard so many amazing things about this brand!

  2. 1.27.19
    Lindsay Popp said:

    Would love to try these products. My skin truly needs it. ?

  3. 1.28.19
    Kali said:

    Everyone seems to ? Tula! Maybe it’s time to FINALLY jump on the bandwagon and give it a try! ☺️

  4. 1.28.19
    Deidre Silva said:

    Would love to try Tula!

  5. 1.30.19
    Rachel said:

    Looking for great new skincare products ❤️

  6. 1.30.19
    Sara Andrews said:

    WOW! thanks so much for sharing your tips! Will definitely need to try Tula next time I stock up on skin care!

  7. 2.11.19
    Paige said:

    Hi Katy! Have you ever purchased Tula products from amazon? I’m just curious how legit the products are from them.

  8. 2.12.19
    Hilary said:

    I’ve heard such great things about Tula – hoping to try it out at some point! 🙂

  9. 4.1.19

    Maybe it’s time to try out tula!

  10. 4.18.19
    Ashley said:

    Thank you for sharing this! Your face is beautiful!!

  11. 1.11.20
    Brittney H said:

    I have heard/seen so much about this line and have been dying to try it! A tad hesitant when I see the price, but I’m dying to find a skincare line that truly works!!

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