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Happy Sunday! I have got my booty planted on the couch, a fire going, a coffee in my hand, and my planner next to me! I am planning all things 2019! I am a HUGE planner, y’all know that! lol! But, I have never been a ‘New Years Resolution’ type of person! I usually think of things every year and then never really put them in action or even write them down. This year, I am changing that! Fingers crossed! lol! I am going to try my hardest! As of right now, I have about 5 or 6 big things that I really want to push myself to take seriously this coming year! One of which would be, staying active! Bleehhh… this is the hardest thing for me. I don’t workout, ever. I may be small, but I have THE worst health ever. Like honest to God, it is kinda sad… someone my age should have all of the energy in the world. But, I get out of breath walking to the mail box… not even kidding. I have had some health issues that past two years, which y’all also have heard me talk about, so that is another reason I want to take this serious. I feel like I have always been a visual person when is comes to health… which is SOOO not accurate… my thinking is ‘”oh, well I can still fit in my same size jeans as always.. so I must be fine”. Yeeeeah, who cares what your jean size is, if ya can’t even walk to the dang mailbox without getting out of breath! I admire the girls that can wake up everyday and push themselves to be a better version of themselves. Whether it is eating better, sticking to a diet, working out…. whatever the case is. I have never been that person, I SO wish I was. I always have an excuse as to why I am too busy to take a 15 minute walk around the neighborhood.. it drives me NUTS!! So, this year I am taking action… Jake and I are really wanting to start a family in the coming years and I want to be the healthiest version of myself. I am making it a point to take a walk at a minimum of 4 times a week! More the better, but that is my start! I want to get my heart rate up, and push myself further each month!

I feel like a lot of times, no matter the occasion, the better I look, the better I feel. If I feel confident in myself, I tend to go the extra mile. Sounds so crazy.. but that is just how I am! I picked up this SUPER cute velvet pullover from Nordstrom! It was on major sale due to the half-yearly sale they have going on! I also snagged some new tennis shoes! They are the Adidas originals.. I have been eyeing them forever! They are surprisingly VERY comfy!! I have even wore them with jeans a few times too, so also easily transitional! Even better! Also, my Zella leggings from Nordstrom... boy oh boy, do these leggings have my heart. I honestly own this exact pair of legging, same size/same color, in three pairs! They are the best seamless leggings and fit so well! They are like shapewear, and I have never found anything that compares! Nordstrom hit it outta the park with these leggings! Nordstrom also has lots of other activewear and other items on sale for the Half-Yearly sale, and I linked a lot of my favorites above! If you have a gift card from Christmas, it is the perfect time to snag some goodies! That is what I did! Used my gift card, and then selected curbside pickup! Woohoo!

Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post- as always, all items were picked out and purchased by me. And all opinions are my own!


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