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You guys!!! I am not one to ever, ever, I mean ever… get dressed up! Like actually wear a dress! I try and go everywhere as casual as possible… but I have been so excited for this post! I think all of the request from you guys got me in the holiday spirit and I actually couldn’t wait to share with y’all!! To be totally honest, Jake and I haven’t done anything for New Years, the last two years. (Side story: Jake is somewhat of a party animal… major extrovert, and I am the complete, like COMPLETE opposite! lol) Our first New Years together, he purchased us seats on a dinner cruise out in the Atlantic Ocean (we lived in NC at the time), and it was a blast but it was also a wild night!! Annnnd same goes for the year after. Lol!! I think as he gets older, he’s loosing his wild streak. Here’s hoping, hallelujah, praise Jesus! Lol!! Just kidding, he brings out my fun side.. and like I said, I love getting dressed up every once in a while!!

I snagged all of these outfits from Express– which is one of my FAVORITE retailers! Y’all know that by now, I am sure! lol! Express has one of the best selections of clothing items for literally every occasion, style, and body type. I have everything from sweatpants, to formal evening dresses, to workwear from Express! I have also never EVER received a negative DM from a follower, giving me a clothing review! Everyone always LOVES their orders from Express! Also, if you order now, you can get these goodies before Christmas, and def before NYE! 

Thank you Express for sponsoring this post- as always, EVERY item I purchased was picked out by me and all opinions are my own! 


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    My first visit here and found a lot of interesting stuff in your article. I love this post. Thanks and keep sharing.

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