Kale Soup Recipe

This is the best dang soup EVER! I seriously have to force myself to put something else on the weekly menu so I’m not eating Kale soup 247! It sounds disgusting but it is ungodly delicious! Trust me, this will be your favorite fall/winter recipe ever! Also, has veggies for the kiddos, but doesn’t taste like it at all!

What you need:

2 lbs of ground Italian sausage (sometimes I do ground pork too!)

2 yellow onions

3-4 russet potatoes

1 cup of half&half

1 large bunch of kale (we always do fresh, not frozen.. just what I prefer!)

1 cup of small shells (noodles)

3 cartons of chicken broth- the large rectangle ones

2 tablespoons of minced garlic

1 teaspoon of chili flakes

1 teaspoon of onion powder

1 tablespoon of dried basil

1 table spoon of dried oregano

1 teaspoon of garlic powder

salt and pepper to taste (I only use the Himalayan pink salt)

3 large tablespoons of butter

How to:

In a large pot, cook meat, diced onions, all spices, garlic, and butter. Cook until meat is almost fully cooked, then add all cartons of chicken broth. Turn stove down to lowest heat possible and let sit for 4-5 hours. This time is pretty much up to you… if doing in a crockpot, let sit until you get home from work, or whatever your situation is. I let mine sit on low from about 10am-4:00pm usually. About an hour before wanting to serve, dice potatoes into 1 inch chunks, dice up kale, and poor both into the pot, along with the cup of half and half, and shells. Cook on low to medium heat until you are ready to serve or potatoes are cooked through. We top ours with fresh parmesan, and eat with dinner rolls!


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  1. 11.4.18
    Shaunda said:

    Hey Katy! How much does your kale soup recipe usually make!?

    • 11.12.18
      admin said:

      Hey girl! About 8 servings!

      • 1.18.21
        Leah said:

        Does this soup freeze well?

    • 9.30.19
      Patti said:

      Hi Katy When cooking the sausage, do you remove it from the casing or just slice ?

  2. 11.5.18
    Maya said:

    Looks delicious can’t wait to try Katy !
    How many servings does this recipe call for ?

    • 11.12.18
      admin said:

      Thank you!! Its my fav!! It makes about 8 servings! (:

  3. 2.1.19
    Amy Coda said:

    Do u boil the pasta shells before adding to soup?

  4. 2.25.19
    Lindsey said:

    Hey Katy! Can you freeze the leftovers?

  5. 9.11.19
    Heather said:

    Hi Katy! Could you do this soup in the crockpot too!?

    • 9.13.19
      Carrie Kalmbach said:

      I remember her saying on IG stories that yes you can do in crock pot too!

  6. 9.11.19
    Lauren said:

    Is it too plain to eat without the meat?!

    • 9.13.19
      Carrie Kalmbach said:

      I just made it and even taking bites without the meat still tastes so good! There is a ton of seasoning in it so I’d say you’d probably be fine without it if you want!

  7. 9.11.19
    mandy said:

    so in my opinion this sounds AMAZING, and similar to the Zuppa Toscano (minus pasta shells) Question… what size broth do you use? I think both carton options are big there is big and bigger? LOL

    • 9.22.19
      Leigh-Anne Souther said:

      I’m wondering the same thing! I bought the 32oz boxes and I’m afraid it will be too much broth.

      • 9.28.19
        Allyson said:

        How did it turn out with the 32 ounce cartoons? That’s what I’m using and it seems like too much!!

        • 9.28.19
          Allyson said:


        • 1.18.21
          Leah said:

          Agreed seems like way too much. How did it come out?

  8. 9.12.19
    Stacie said:

    Hi Katy!
    Do you cook the pasta shells and potatoes before adding?

    Thanks ,

    • 9.13.19
      Carrie Kalmbach said:

      Nope, just throw in raw 1hr prior to serving

    • 1.18.21
      Leah said:

      Hi, can this be freezed and what size broth are you using? The standard size has 4 cups of liquid in one carton, that’s 12 cups if we use 3 cartons, seems like a lot.

  9. 9.13.19
    Carrie Kalmbach said:

    Just made it and OH EM GEE GIRLLLL! This is sooo good I’m about to get a second bowl! It also makes a lot so that’s nice my husband and I can have it all week!

    • 9.23.19
      Hallie young said:

      What size cartons of chicken broth did you use?!

  10. 9.15.19
    Kacie said:

    Just told my boyfriend we are having sausage noodle soup for dinner tomorrow instead of calling is kale soup 🙂 He said, “sounds good!”
    Can’t wait to try this! Thank you!

  11. 9.15.19
    Christy said:

    I can’t have gluten so was planning to leave out noodles! Can’t wait to make it!

  12. 9.15.19
    Erika said:

    I just made this and it is simmering on the stove top! Smells sooooo good! Can’t wait to eat it!!

  13. 9.18.19
    Alyson said:

    Do you cover it when you have it simmering on the stovetop?

  14. 9.23.19
    Ashley said:

    Do I have to cook it for that long or can I cook the soup on a higher heat for a shorter amount of time?

    • 11.10.19
      Ashley said:

      I’m planning to make this week! Did you happen to try cooking on a higher setting?

  15. 10.2.19
    Lisa said:

    For the kale you say a large bunch. My Krogers had a large 16oz bag of fresh kale. Is that too much?

  16. 11.5.19
    Anne Talbot said:

    Can you make it so we can email the recipe to ourselves??

  17. 12.23.19
    Kate said:

    Dose this soup freeze well?

  18. 1.26.20
    Kelsey said:

    Has anyone made this with a non-dairy substitute for the half and half? (i.e. coconut milk)

    • 2.17.20
      Tiff said:

      I was wondering the same…? I’ve made a “creamy” cauliflower soup with soaked cashews, so that may work for this too!?

  19. 1.18.21
    Leah said:

    Hi, does this soup freeze well? Also what size carton broth? 32 oz? It would be 4 cups in one carton which seems like a lot.

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