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My biggest and most FAV tool that I just recently got, is my vanity mirror! Ever since designing my office, I have known that I wanted to this mirror to be apart of it! It is the Riki Tall mirror from Glamcor, and it is amazing!! Not only is it functional when it comes to doing your makeup, it is SO pretty and looks great sitting on the counter! Mine comes with a huge acrylic base that it sits on and looks so sleek! The mirror is HUGE! It has adjustable lighting all the way around the rim that can be adjusted with a remote or front button! It also has built in magnets behind the large mirror, that allow you to place a magnified mirror on top, or even a cell phone holder! That way you can watch makeup videos on YouTube, while your phone sits directly on the mirror! This thing is amazing quality and I am SO glad I finally snagged one! I even reached out and asked if they could give you guys a code! The code is “livingmybeststyle15” for 15% off your mirror!










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  1. 10.25.18
    Jennifer Redding said:

    LOVED this video!!! I will be making my make-up list…lol!! I went online to buy the mirror and the code did not work.

    • 11.12.18
      admin said:

      Lol!!! Such a mess!! lol!! And oh no! I know it has worked for a few people! I will take a look and check on it!

  2. 2.11.19
    Taylor said:

    Hello! I loved this video so much! I was curious if you could tell me what the brush was that you used to blend in your concealer and also that you used for your blush? I’ve been looking for brushes just like that and I love how it turned out. Thanks in advance 🙂

  3. 2.11.19
    Kari said:

    You are so beautiful! Love
    All your videos!
    Just curious as to what your eye liner is?! Did not notice anything in the video?!
    Thanks in advance

  4. 4.10.19
    Ashley Rockwood said:

    Hello Katy!

    Just wondering when you are updating your makeup routine?! I can’t wait to know!!! ?

  5. 5.20.19
    AllIe Cline said:

    What is your shampoo and conditioner you use?!

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