How To: Curl My Hair

Happy Friday, girlfriends!!! (legit typed out Thursday and was like… hmm… I don’t think that’s right!? Lol! #WorkFromHomeProbs) Anywho!! Ever since getting my extensions, my DM’s have been F.U.L.L of people asking how I curl my hair! Not tryin to toot my own horn or anything…. but my hair is pretty bomb looking when I curl it (totally kidding)…? #JustSayin

But when these DM’s would come… I never knew what to say…. I feel like curling my hair is just second nature. I just go through the steps not even thinking about what I’m actually doing- it’s just alllll saved in the ol’ memory bank upstairs! SO, needless to say… that wasn’t a very good answer to tell people, lol, so I decided to sit down and put my mind to it and get all the steps I take to get my curls! I will link all of my tools at the end of the post!

Below, I will link my tools I use! My brush and teasing comb can be found at Sallys or Target!




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  1. 9.17.18
    Lauren said:

    Love the tips! Do you recommend smaller barrels for shorter hair? Thanks!

    • 10.12.18
      admin said:

      Yes! The shorter your hair, the smaller the barrel! (:

  2. 1.28.19
    Taylor said:

    How do you wear your hair a night when sleeping so the curls stay and it doesn’t get Tangled? My hair is long and seems to get so snarly so easy ….
    Thank you

  3. 3.14.19
    Lisa Bogdanski said:

    Hi Katy,
    Just wondering which T3 curling iron you recommend? The one on your Like To Know It page links to the ‘Twirl 360′ (motion sensing, auto rotating) and the one you have linked on your blog is just the 1.25’ barrel. Hope this make sense! Thank you xo

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