5 Ways To Style Sneaker Wedges

Okay guys, if you follow me on Instagram- you know my new obsession with sneaker wedges!! Not going to lie, I used to be the girl walking past them in the store mumbling to myself “Uhm, hell no.. those are so ugly”!! Well Katy, how bout ya don’t knock it till ya try it!! I ordered these on a whim and I haven’t looked back since.

I don’t know about y’all, but sometimes I need some sort of height to my outfit! I want to look casual and fun, but I also don’t want to look like a boy! Ya know? I need some sort of heel, but without the actual cute dressy heel. Getting dressed is literally so hard for girls. Lol! So, one day I was picking out my outfit- jeans and a v-neck, of course, but I was tired of my every day sandals! I put these on thinking there was no way, and my husband happened to walk in at the same time and he said- “Holy cow.. those are kinda weird… but you look super hot in them..”!? Boys are so weird at giving compliments… but trust me, that was one!! And I was secretly thinking the same thing! I am on the sneaker wedge train and I’m here to stay! They make a simple t-shirt and jeans look so stylish and put together! You can easily go from looking like you are playing at the park with your kids, to looking like you’re ready to go grab margaritas on a patio! That’s my kind of outfit!!

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  1. 3.6.18
    Katie said:

    OKAY, I NEED these!!! What I am always saying “I wanna be comfortable, but have height.” These look so cute on you Katy, I love this post. This mama needs a pair!!! Thanks girl!

  2. 3.7.18
    Nataly said:

    Omg! These platform sneakers are super cute! I always thought they wouldn’t be cute but I need to purchase these! Lol

    • 3.7.18
      admin said:

      Lol!! I felt the same way!! I was always like ummm heck no!! Then I tried them, and I am never turning back!! Lol!

  3. 2.15.19
    Kristi said:

    Hi! Love the wedge shoes. What brand are they? I don’t see a link to find them. Thanks!!!

  4. 2.18.19
    Melanie M Shumaker said:

    Cute sneaker wedges! Where are they from?!

  5. 5.4.20
    Samantha said:

    Hello! I adore these wedge sneakers but I cannot seem to find them online. Could you point me in the right direction, please? I also couldn’t seem to find the “Shop all outfit details below” section of this post 🙁

    • 1.30.21
      Anna said:

      I also couldn’t find the link! Did you ever figure out what brand they are?

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