The Long Awaited Hair Post

I have been all sorts of slacking on this post guys! I get DM’s everyday asking about my hair care routine- which is somewhat of a surprise. Up until a year ago or so, I’ve always had super dry and frizzy hair. I used to dye my hair black with box dye (middle school wasn’t a good time for me, lol), so I have been recovering from that for years! I have finally found my routine, as far as hair care products, and have seen a huge improvement in my hair.

I am by no means a professional, so don’t take my advise too seriously. lol. Every hair type is different and this is just what I find works for me! I will split it up by hair care tips, and then the products I use in and out of the shower.

Hair Care Tips:

  1. I never ever use a blow dryer. Well, I shouldn’t say never… I use a blow dryer for about 2 minutes, on cool, twice a week.. & only at my roots. I always wash my hair at night and let it air dry. The less heat your hair takes, the better!
  2. I only use hot tools on my hair twice, maybe three times a week. Unless, I have an event or something and I really have to. The day after I wash my hair, I straighten it- leave it for 2 days, then curl it- leave it for 2 days, then wash. My hair has been trained to hold a style for that long just because I have done this process for so long. Like I said, the less heat you put on your hair, the better!
  3. I only wash my hair twice a week (yes, I shower every day).. sometimes I only wash it once. The more you do this with your hair, the easier it gets. I can go 4 days and my hair still perfectly fine. The less you wash your hair, the more it soaks in it’s natural oils and keeps your hair healthy, rather than dry and brittle.
  4. After I wash my hair, I dry it by dabbing my towel all over the ends. Then, I apply all my product and wait about 15 minutes before brushing. That way my hair has time to soak up the product and dry a little bit before I start pulling on it with a brush.
  5. I tease my hair just a little at the top, and sometimes that gets knotted and tangled in the shower. Once I start the brushing process, if any part on my scalp feels tangled, I leave it until its dry. I only brush out the ends to spread my product throughout. If you try and brush out tangles while your hair is wet, it will pull out more hair than if you waited till it’s dry. Or maybe thats just me. Idk, like I said, I’m no professional.

Hair Care Products:

  1. Redken All Soft shampoo and condition is amazing. My hair has always been thick and textured weird. I never had that long silky smooth hair. When I started using this, I noticed my hair was about as close to silky smooth as it was ever going to get! I love this stuff and have noticed how healthy my hair feels after using it.
  2. Pravana The Perfect Blonde Masque is my favorite purple shampoo ever! (P.S. Only use this is you are blonde) I use this once a week right after I shampoo and condition my hair and I leave it in for 5 minutes while I do everything else.

After The Shower..

  1.   The first product I put in is my Moroccan Oil Root Boost. This is the stuff that keeps my hair so full. I apply this generously to my roots, then flip my head over and use the blow dryer, on cool, at my roots for about two minutes. The blow dryer facing down on your roots while your hair is flipped over, causes your roots to dry in the opposite direction. Thus, when you flip your head right side up, your roots will have more volume.
  2. Kenra Revive Complex is legit magic. Not kidding. I started using this the day I decided to go blonde and I don’t think I would have any hair left if it weren’t for this product. It does exactly what it says, revives your hair. I hardly had any breakage or fried pieces, and my hair actually felt healthy- even in the midst of bleaching it for months to get back to blonde. If you get anything, GET THIS!
  3. It’s A 10 leave in condition is amazing. I have been using this product for so long, and will never stop. I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should, and it causes my hair to be somewhat on the dry side. This stuff is like silky conditioner that stays in your hair and locks in the moisture. I love this stuff!
  4. Redken Anti Snap is great for breakage! Like I said, the process from going black to blonde is not pretty. It causes a lot of breakage and a lot of dead ends. I put two pumps of this throughout my ends after every shower and could not tell you the last time I had significant breakage or split ends.
  5. Now, I do not use this product when my hair is wet, but I do use it the morning after I wash my hair. My secret to the Instagram famous bun, is Not Your Mothers Dry Shampoo. lol. I get asked about my bun, probably 10 times a day.. the secret is dry shampoo. Even though my hair is clean, I spray this all over and in my roots to give my hair texture. I feel like it holds a style better and certainly keeps my hair looking clean for a couple of days!

So this is my hair care routine that I do once or twice a week. I have pretty thick, wavy hair naturally and with all of my box dye adventures, these products have saved my hair. I don’t use hot tools often, but I am going to link my specific tools below that I feel are good for your hair.

*Use the images below to shop the products*



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  1. 3.4.18
    Jerica S said:

    I plan on adding all of these suggestions into my hair routine, but just started with the kenra revive complex and it’s a 10 leave in. OH MY GOSH, so great! My hair is the softest and smoothest it has been in a while! Xoxo

    • 3.5.18
      admin said:

      Right?!?! OMG they are my favorite!! I notice a huge difference in my hair if I forget to put it in!! I love it!! XOXOX

  2. 5.18.18
    Ashten said:

    I looove your hair! I was curious what you tell your hairdresser to get the cut you have?!

    • 5.21.18
      admin said:

      Hey girl!! Thank you so much! I actually have naturally blonde hair so all she does is a full highlight of bleach! Then I tone it with my purple masque and that is what gives it its bright color! (:

  3. 8.25.18
    Anne said:

    How do you do your bun?! I can’t do a bun without looking like the principal from Matilda. ha!

    • 10.12.18
      admin said:

      I put a tutorial up on my instagram! (:

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