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Perfect Spring-Time Sweatshirts

March 7, 2019 0 Comments

*I sized up one to a small in the sweatshirt for a longer/bigger fit & shorts are true to size. I am in a size 24!*

Am I the only one that is annoyed that it feels like spring one day, and then like I am living in Antartica the next?? No? Thought so. lol. I have been digging all of my shorts out of my closet because I just cant wait any longer! I legit, turned the fire place on all of last week and walked around our house in shorts… it was 30 degrees and raining outside! HAH! Bring on the spring weather!! I know a lot of you guys are in the North and still struggling. I asked you guys on Instagram last week, and the majority of you said you were still having freezing temps every single day! Blehh! I figured I should do a quick round up of some spring inspired sweatshirts. That way you can feel like spring is on the horizon, but still be warm for these crazy temps! I honestly did not think this top was going to be a hit with y’all, and boy oh boy, I was wrong! I wore this pink sweatshirt on stories, two days in a row, and have NEVER received so many DM’s about a clothing item! I hear ya… I think the pink is so cute! I am going to go ahead and link a few that I am loving and wanting!

Most of yall, if you have followed me for awhile, know that I LOVE Abercrombie sweatshirts! I typically do not gravitate to sweatshirts, but every single year, I HAVE to purchase one of theirs! Last year, a lot of us snagged the cropped green sweatshirt, and then the cropped pink sweatshirt! I had SO much great feedback from yall about them! Abercrombie has THE softest sweatshirts out there. Hands down. They are so cozy, thick, and the quality is honestly insane for the price. They feel like a $100 sweatshirt, for half the price! On top of their sweatshirts, you guys know its basically the only place that I will order jeans/shots from. They are extremely well made, fit great, and are super affordable!! I will link some shorts/jeans options here as well, that I have and love!

Thank you Abercrombie for sponsoring this post. As always, everything was picked out by me and my own opinion.